New to me: 2003/2004 ring-handled bag

  1. I found this at my favorite consignment shop. Everytime I go in there, they have older B-bags for sale and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

    I'm not sure what to call this bag. It's a flat bag with double ring handles that can be worn on the shoulder or the crook of the arm. It has the oversized flaps like the City bag, a mirror attached by a tassel, but no exterior pocket. The interior pocket is a nice size and the leather is super-duper soft.
  2. Really nice! I love the ring handles. Post a modeling pic!
  3. Wow yummy, looks super soft and squishy. Congrats on a beautiful bag!!!
  4. Cute bag, post modelling pics please
  5. That is a really elegant bag - what a super find.
  6. OOOoohhhHHH E~ I love this bag!!!! :heart::heart::love: The leather looks super soft!!!!:drool: Always loved this style!!!! This will fit in beautifully with your stunning collection!!!!

    What are the measurments and is the handle bigger then the work?~ is it more comfy on the shoulder?
  7. Great find! It's always interesting to see some of the older non-moto styles. What consignment store did you find it at?
  8. the leather looks DIVINE! :love:
  9. Wonderful style!!! Congrats to you!!!:yahoo:
  10. Great looking bag! The leather looks really nice on it.
  11. Congrats, that looks like such a great style. And that leather is unbelievable!
  12. This style was introduced in Spring 04 for a year(not all the colors were made in this style, though).

    I love this bag! I "almost"bought this in gray back in 04 at BalNY....

    Congrats:heart: She's a beauty!!
  13. Congrats! I have this one in black too. I love it! Fits great over the shoulder, I use it all the time. Yours looks very and soft and silky making mine look and feel dry. I think mine may need a spa treatment.

  14. OMG!!!LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!