New to Marc Jacobs

  1. Sorry if I'm going to sound like a pleb here but I don't know anything about Marc Jacobs bags. I really like his Marc By Marc Jacobs Softy Clutch and am looking for one in black. Did he ever make any in black? If no, by any chance does he have any others that are similar as far as far as organization and in black leather with if it's not too much trouble a wristloop?? Thank you very much!
  2. hi geisha, well come to marc jacobs and the mj forum! wish i could help but i don't really know anything about the mbmj line, i usually stick with the mj collection stuff, but you'll find lots of help here, some the the ladies like thithi and forenfinal are a wealth of knowledge.
    have fun :smile:
  3. the softy zip clutch did come in black as a part of the spring 07 line. it has since sold out, but it's been listed on eBay numerous times now.

    for fall, the lovely zip clutch has a similar interior, but it does not come in black. if you have your heart set on the black softy zc then i would suggest eBay. however, i think the lovely zip clutch is very nice, and the colors they do come in (cream, tan, grey, and dark brown) look fantastic.

    there are a few clutches that come with a wrist strap, but they're not going to have the same compartmentalized interior that you're looking for. there's not very many black mbmj items this season unfortunately. check out and you'll see everything i am talking about. hth!