New to Marc Jacobs... Need Help!!

  1. Hello all! I'm new to Marc jacobs, I'm usually a Coach/LV girl but I have fallen in love with the Faridah bags! But now, here's the dilemma! I can't decide between the Feridah Turnlock Hobo in Grey or the Softy Faridah Hobo in Poppy! I really like the poppy color for spring and summer but i'm worried about the drop length for both bags. The inches they have listed for the drops, is that the length when it isn't slouched? For those who have either of these bags, are they pretty easy to get over the shoulder? I want to get this today from before they are gone! I'm paranoid about that! Thanks for the help and the info!

  2. Also, if anyone has both, are the drops pretty much the same? Thanks!!
  3. I've only handled the one on the right. The slouchy bag isn't my style, but it did fit easily over the arm. I also LOVE the mouse grey color. Hope this helps a little.:smile:
  4. Well, since I couldn't decide and am just really impatient and wanted to order, I ended up ordering both! I figure i'll see which one I really like in person and then return whichever one I don't like. Or i'll just end up really liking both, which is fine too!
  5. If you decide for the poppy one, please, sell the mouse grey one to me! hehehe. Where I live we don't have it to buy!!!
  6. i love both of them. you seem to like the poppy one more so get the poppy. i think the drop will be fine. i had a friend who carried hers as a school tote and she always wore it over her shoulder.
  7. I love the poppy and grey color in the turnlock style. For some reason I just don't know if I like the softy faridah. Let us know which one you decided to keep!! good luck!!
  8. They are both lovely bags! The drop length won't be a problem--they're both definitely shoulder bags.
  9. Both are nice looking bags!!
  10. faridah grey! it's on my personal list of things i'm lusting for :smile:
  11. Mouse grey!
  12. I like the Grey one in this... it has a cleaner look than the Poppy.
  13. The poppy is a pretty strong orange.....I'd go with grey. I saw a yellow one at the store, it was REALLY nice! I would want the yellow one if I didn't just get another yellow bag.
  14. Agreed.
  15. I also prefer the grey... but I'm generally scared of color !
    I always go for black/grey/white etc . because they are practical

    That said, the Poppy definitely makes a statement, and would be great to change things up a bit if your boring like me !

    Good luck choosing !!!