New to Marc Jacobs bags and have a question

  1. I spotted a Marc Jacobs bag, cognac brown with chain handles, very square satchel type. Any ideas what it retailed for and what's the name of it? The front has a small lock (sort of) but it's decorative, doesn't lock anything. Inside has a pocket and it says "Made in Italy".
  2. Is it quilted or smooth leater? Patchwork or regular quilted?

    The only thing that is coming to mind right now is the Ines bag...
  3. it's smooth leather, not patchwork and not quilted
  4. Maybe it's the small box bag from the Alfred line? Do you remember what the lining was like? I'll go hunt for a photo..
  5. Here we go:
  6. ^^^That is what I was thinking too. Sounds exactly like it.
  7. Yep, this is the one, except the color is more of a lighter brown. I would call it cognac brown. ANyone knows how much it retailed for?
  8. It retailed for $995