New to LV

  1. I am basically new to LV.... I am a total gucci girl.... until now...

    I have to admit that I have never liked the monogram LV but I am absolutely in love with the damier...

    I have a wishlist:

    Damier speedy 30
    Damier azur speedy 30
    Damier cles
    Large damier agenda
    mini pouch
    zippy wallet
    scarf...not sure which one exactly

    I think at some point I feel bad for buying accessories that could get me another bag:shame:

    I am allocating about 1K toward LV this weekend... what would you get?
  2. Welcome!
  3. Thank you!
  4. I'd get a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and Zippy Wallet!!!
  5. I would get the Damier Azur! :p
    I want one myself..but I don't have an LV store near -_-
  6. I say start off with the Damier Ebene (brown Damier), and then switch over to Azur. 1) a bag, 2) wallet, 3) agenda, 4) cles
  7. i think you should get an azur speedy and a wallet!
  8. i agree with the other ladies, get an azur speedy and wallet :smile:
  9. Welcome!!
    I'd also go with the Azur Speedy and a wallet of some type (I like the Porte Tresor style) :yes:
  10. This is exactly what I thought!!! :yes:

    BTW, welcome
  11. I like Gucci too and I will still carry Gucci but once you carry Louis Vuitton you will be in love:love:!!! Go for the speedy 30 Damier!!! I am going to get the 25 sometime.

    Welcome to the club!!!
  12. Another vote for the Damier azur speedy 30 :love: and wallet combination! I like the agenda too... have you looked at the Vernis ones? They're gorgeous!
  13. Absolutely AZUR!
  14. i would start with a small thing and then wait some time to see if you really like it and not getting bored of it and then go on with the bigger stuff...
  15. I would get a damier speedy, either color, and a zippy wallet in a different line. For example, brown damier speedy and pomme d'amour or framboise vernis zippy wallet.