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  1. im completly new to lv and i bought a bag from a boutique yesterday (neverfull monogram mm) and there is no datestamp anywhere on the bag.
    After reading about datestamps and how theyre not serial numbers lol, im really worried about the authenticity of the bag.I know it must be real beucase i bought it from lv ...but is this normal? one day i might want to sell this bag
  2. I have the NF MM and it was hard for me to find the datecode as well... lift the top right of the pocket (be careful it is kinda stiched down...) and the date code should be there.
  3. Why do people worry so much about date codes? When they buy their bags/items from the Louis Vuitton Store... Of course its going to be AUTHENTIC!
  4. ^^^ This is true, however please remember she is new to LV... if I were new to LV and in her shoes, I would probably be concerned too. ;)

    For future reference, please post ALL date code questions here:

    and for future reference, please post all authenticity questions here:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.