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  1. Hey guys! I'm new to this community and LV products in general. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Oh yeah, and the last two days were my first purchases :smile:. So I just graduated from culinary school in SF and turning 20 soon, and its so close to my gf and I's anniversary. So I bought my self a pair of sandals and sneakers for casual day to day wear. And I bought her the Fringe White Multicolor Bucket, and was she happy haha. Anyways, I took a few pictures of the shoes, didn't get a chance to take her's yet, so if she comes over later I'll be sure to get it!
    IMG000133.JPG IMG000144.JPG IMG000166.JPG
  2. Welcome!!
  3. Welcome to PF!!!:flowers: LOVE the shoes and what a nice gift you got for your girl!!!:love: Can't wait to see the pics of her wearing the bag!!!:nuts:
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! I will definately try to get the pictures up ASAP. I am taking a break after graduation before going back to work. But it seems like the last few days all I have been doing is spending money and not on the essential things in life lol. I feel like a girl. My girlfriend is working and here I am spending like 4 hours shopping at Niemans and what not. Anyways, you girls seem really nice :smile:.
  5. Aawwww, that's so sweet, starting off early buying LV for the ladies!
  6. Oops :shame: Where are my manners? Welcome to the forum! :P
  7. oooooh! nice shoes! Welcome~
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. Welcome To The Purse Forum....So Happy You Are Here!!! :smile:

    Congratulations On Your Graduation!!!!!

    What Fabulous Purchases!!! Thank You For Sharing!
  10. Welcome to the forum...and the addiction of LV!!!
  11. Sweet Panama's I have the white ones! I want black now ;(
  12. Welcome.
  13. those sneakers are just too cute!!!
  14. Congratulations on your graduation!!!

    Welcome to the LV Forum!!:yes:
  15. Welcome and Congrats!!

    Beautiful choices on the shoes and what a sweet and lovely gift for your gf! Can't wait to see the pics!!