New to LV

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  1. Can ya'all help me? I have lots of Coach and started with Gucci, but I have never bought a LV. Which style would be your first?

    About me- 36 year old mom of two teens (who also have coach-great "starting" brand-JMHO) and one little Maltipoo. Married (second marriage) to my high school sweetheart.
    I am an education nurse (cushy RN job), working on my Masters. My husband is in finance and we life in the LV capital (LOL), AKA Northeast Scottsdale.

    Thanks so much-:confused1:
  2. I think a Speedy would be a great first LV bag for you! Either in Mono, Damier, or Azur would be lovely and timeless..a Speedy is a classic.
    Do you have any design in particular ?
  3. Do you have a price range in mind? Leather or canvas? Hand-held or shoulder bag?

    It's funny because I don't like the Speedy that much, but I think it's the quintessential LV bag and a great first LV if you like it.
  4. Hi Amy,

    The best thing to do is go play in the LV store and explore the type of bag that 'speaks' to you. My first was the Ellipse backpack way back when - I knew exactly what I wanted since I needed my hands to be free for toddlers when out and about.
    Beware - purchasing an LV is like getting a tattoo. Once you get one you can't stop!

  5. but some people sell them to get other ones.. whereas a tattoo you can barely get rid of! LOL!

    anyway i think what gre8dane is suggesting really is the best thing. The big problem is if that store has the bag that really suits you for example, a Neverfull. THOSE THINGS FLY OFF THE SHELVES!:yes:
  6. do you like big bags or small bags? handheld, shoulder carry, or messenger?

    is this going to be an everyday bag? if so, what do you normally carry with you?

    i think people here can give you good suggestions so you know what to look out for in the boutique. but you should definitely go to a boutique and take a look around. there are SO MANY choices.

    also take a look at eluxury and to see styles and such.