new to LV

  1. I am a KOOBA girl at heart, but am leaning towards trying out LV (KOOBA styles are getting a little weird lately). I was wondering what would be a great first LV? I like something small-med sized (I only carry a checkbook, cell phone and makeup), I'm only 5'2" so something huge looks ridiculous on me. Please help me, lovely ladies of LV!!! :yes:
  2. The damier Belem PM is a really cute little bag, it's about 10"W x 7.5"H x 5.5"D. According to damier fans, damier bags are pretty well indestructible ... also it's not too pricey so might be a good place to start.

    In epi leather, the Segur and Jasmin are both very elegant small hand held bags, or if you prefer a shoulder bag, maybe have a look at the Madeleine. I'm 5'0" and they're all bags I have or am planning on buying or would consider. Have fun!
  3. Do you prefer handheld bags or shoulder bags?
  4. I like both, but shoulder ones seem to slide off me since I am small.
  5. Pink Cupcake, where do you find a Belem? I couldnt find it in it an older style?
  6. Speedy 25! I used to be really into Kooba, too, but their recent stuff is kind of doesn't even LOOK like Kooba anymore, KWIM?
  7. I love Kooba too, but welcome to LV!

    Try an epi pochette, since you carry so little. I'm also 5'2" and I prefer smaller bags, but have the speedies in 25 and 30.
  8. This is the Damier Belem PM:
    [Pic is from eBay's Ultimate_handbag]


    I suggest the Pochette Cite:


    and the Pochette Ipanema:

  9. wow thanks for the ideas guys! I appreciate it!
  10. back to Belem, where could I locate that?
  11. that's super cute! Kinda spendy though...but I am lovin the style..!
  12. Whats the weight on these bags in your opinion? I find KOOBAs really really heavy, and that's why I am kind of looking for a diff brand.
  13. I like the speedy 25. I don`t have one, but I will eventually! Lol! Good luck on your decision! (The bag you chose is georgous!)
  14. I have the belem pm. it's kind of unique.