New to LV!

  1. I've decided to take the plunge.
    I don't own any LV but I'm drawn to the Speedy 40, for lugging a lot of stuff around for myself and the kids and travelling.

    I have money set aside for a new Bbag, Chloe and LV... but before I bought I wanted to get your input!!

    I set my LV limit at 1400.
    I don't need to spend all of it!

    What would you suggest? And I have no idea what things look like by name, so if there is a directory or something for me to peek at online? :blink:
    Otherwise the names won't mean much to me...sorry I just realized this fact may make my question difficult to answer!! :lol:
  2. Go to or LV's website. I think a Speedy would be perfect for what you are looking for. :biggrin:
  3. Do you like a hand held bag or a shoulder bag? Are you looking for a big size bag or medium or small? You can find most of the LV bags at, they are the only authorized on-line LV dealer.
  4. I'm on my sk right now, so I can't post links...but go to and to see the catalogues/prices.

    Personally I'd go with a cabas mezzo, antigua cabas GM, or saleya style/sized bag instead of a speedy 40. It's a handheld bag and lugging that around would get tiring, as opposed to the bags I mentioned which are shoulder bags.

    Hopefull you'll get more opinions from folks that can post links!
  5. Thanks girls!! I'm off to a soccer game then I'll check the links and let you know what I decide later!!!
  6. wow $1400. I have yet to set my limit that high yet. Including tax, mine would be like $1000 max.
  7. will show a better selection of all Louis Vuittons available (with a few exceptions like cerises). You can't order anything from, but you can see a wide variety that you can purchase either on or in the boutique.
  8. Ok I'm back!!
    I can't order anything from eluxury because I'm in Canada.
    I like the idea of a shoulder strap, but prefer the look of the Speedy 40.
    Thanks for all of the help!!
    I'm going to go and check the website now!
  9. OK here we go...

    I LOVE the...
    Speedy 35/40
    Mizi (so cute but not what I need...but SO CUTE)
    B. Horizontal
    Cabas Mezzo!!
    Vanvin GM

    I can see why you girls are addicted.
  10. Great choices!!!;)
  11. Thanks!! What are your favourites?
    and OHHHHHH I want a Spy!!!
  12. I LOVE them all!!!:lol: Out of the ones you've posted I LOVE the cabas (very handy), speedy and mizi!!! Vavin and Babylone are very similar to Cabas, IMO so any of those bags would be a great choice!
  13. Thanks!
  14. Just a thought but if you're looking at a Speedy 40, you might consider a Keepall 45 which is shaped like a Speedy and just a tad larger (about 18 inches I think) and you can get it with or without a shoulder strap. It is a bit more rugged than a Speedy too with leather strips that goes around and under the bag. That's what I want for my next LV!