New to LV!

  1. Expecting LV any day now! My first one! (Speedy 30) Quick question: My sister in law said that monogram was only to be worn in the fall/winter and multicolored in the spring/summer - is this true? If so, do they have specific dates or anything? I don't want to look silly carrying around my new bag and it is not "in season" Thanks!
  2. The monogram is CLASSIC and can be worn year round, but I do think that the the MC looks best in the spring/summer with bright colors that compliment it.
  3. Not true, who makes these silly rules anyways?! :rolleyes:
  4. Thats not true.. I think monogram are really all year round while multicolor are more summery... !!
  5. Not true at all. That's silly. The monogram speedy is a CLASSIC. I have had mine since 1990 and carry it year around.
  6. Totally not true!!
  7. Huh? Where do people get these ideas from? That is so not true! It's all about personal preference.
  8. not true. I wear my LV's all year no matter which line it is.
  9. ^^^^^^^

    the same people who say Damier Azur is only for summer.....!!