New to LV - Why don't people like patina?

  1. I'm new to LV, but have seen and known about them for years. The monogram bags are trimmed in vachetta leather that naturally darkens/patina over time. I thought that was one of the good things about the bag, but now I wonder. I see where a lot of people are having the vachetta replaced if it gets to dark or are trying to keep the vachetta light. Is this just preference or if the leather gets to dark, does it mean it is wearing out?

  2. Some people just have different preferences... some want to keep it looking new for ages and some want to speed up the darkening process. I think the darkness adds vintage charm personally :yes:
  3. I think that it is a preference. The talk of getting the vachetta replaced is usualy on items where the bag has been really loved and the leather is almost black in areas.
  4. I like patina but i dont like it too dark.....i like a honey color :]

  5. Some people don't like the vachetta to get too dark. It just depends on the person.
  6. I personally went trough a faze when I kept my new bags "virgin light" for as long as I could. Then a few years later I went trough another faze when I couldn't wait for my bags to turn dark, so I "helped" them. In both processes some of my bags were slightly ruined because It was eather never light enough, or dark enough. SO, I am now going trough the faze - where all my bags age naturally, and I discovered that LV doesnt' turn honey color all that quick, but when it does naturally- it's the most beautifull patina shade ever!
  7. I personally love when the patina shows. I don't like brand new vachetta, I don't like that you can see that the bag is brand new. Personally I bought my Noé second hand so that it already had a lovely honey color patina... Yummm
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  8. I try every way to keep my bags (which have patina ) in the light shade. I ended up sold my mint Azur bag (as color tends to be changed) and never use my MC speedy again for more than 6 months to prevent patina. I also use my Baggy PM only a few times. I couldn't sell her out as I love her a lot but still could cope with the ugly dark patina. It makes bag look old and vintage. I hate it.
  9. It's just a personal choice I like my bags light but eveyone is different

  10. I agree! I think it's mainly just a matter of preference.
  11. Just a matter of preference for most people. I don't mind the patina - I like the golden honey color. But, when it gets really dark and dirty, then I don't like it.
  12. i love my bags looking "new" all the time so i try not to buy bags w/ vachetta or sell the bags i have right when they are starting to honey.
  13. I like to see some patina. I just don't like it when it gets too dark.
  14. I think it's becaue it tells that the bag is used and older. If it's really pale it looks brand new which also = $$$ If you're rich you buy new bags all the time and in our society having $$ = style ;)
  15. i like mine darker :p
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