New To LV...Which Is Your Favorite Wallet? I Need Suggestions

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  1. Hi! A few months ago I bought 2 LV Mono pieces which I never carried. Yesterday I received a Speedy 30 B in DE and am taking it out today. Despite watching many YT videos I cannot decide on a wallet.
    My SA favors the Zippy....Thank you :smile:
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  2. The Zippy is indeed a great wallet.
  3. Zippy is good. I also like the Sarah and Adele wallet. I have both of these and Sarah is great for daily use.
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  4. Thank you! any suggestions for a wallet when I carry in a smaller bag?
  5. I have the Victorine in monogram world tour and it’s pretty good till now. But I do see few have faced issues with it. May be you can look into Victorine wallet club house.
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  6. Thank you, I will. What do you mean by 'faced issues'?
  7. Some glazing issues I believe. I just got it few months back so I don’t have any issues till now either with canvas cracking or glazing. But as am also relatively new to LV am not sure on the durability...
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  8. Thank you for your explanation. You were very helpful :smile:
  9. Zoe wallet or Zippy coin purse.
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  10. Long: I've had Sarah, Emilie and Josephine. Favourite: Sarah NM empreinte.
    Compact: I've had Victorine, Adele compact and Rosalie. Favourites: Victorine empreinte and, for tiny bags, Rosalie offers big bang for your buck!
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  11. I too had hard time choosing which wallet is best for my needs. i had the victorine wallet and had issues after few months of use. right now i am using the zipped card holder. it has 5 card slots with zipper compartment. and using the key pouch for my metro card and other extra. i think the zippy coin purse is a good one.
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  12. I love both my full size zippy wallet & also my zippy coin purses. Favorite style of wallet!
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  13. I love my Clemence wallet. Not as big as a Zippy but it fits everything I need (and more) ;)
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  14. Crazy about my Clemence
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  15. My favorite is the zippy compact because it unzips all the way around and fits inside my “mini” and “bb” bags.
    I have two full size zippy wallets and I love them I feel everything is secure.
    I also have the Sarah but don’t use it often.
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