new to LV...wat should i buy!

  1. hi ladies!

    i am new to PF and LV and i have decided that needs to change ASAP! I need some advice as to what LV to choose as my first piece. Should I go with the popular speedy? or maybe a tote?

    please all advice would be great!
  2. I would go for a mono speedy 30. It was my first LV and I still love it. Welcome to tpf and LV.
  3. it all depends on what your handbag needs are and what styles you like.

    do you like handheld or shoulder? do you want an everyday bag, evening bag, or travel bag? there are SO many options and the first LV is always special :smile:
  4. I suggest you go to the boutique to check out the styles....try bags on...then go home, think about it and decide....look on elux for items, then go to your LV and narrow it down from there. SO MUCH to choose from!!!!! Good luck!
  5. Speedy, Batignolles Horizontal, Neverfull..... I think these are all great bags at reasonable prices.
  6. Welcome to tPF! Not a lady here, but I would suggest the classic Speedy. It's a House icon. LVoe the monogram canvas but you might want to take the plunge and get the relatively new Mini Lin. Now, if you want it to be from the new arrivals, get the Neverfull. LVoely tote type bag!
  7. welcome!!!! speedy is a great 1st bag! you should go into a LV boutique and look around and try on might find something else you really like!!!

    let us know what you decide on!!!
  8. floridalv is right the mono speedy is an essential if your gonna start your collection. it was also my first purchase from LV. I also recomment the lockit. ;););)
  9. wow, thanks for all the great replys! I got my first paycheck @ my first 'real' job and decided I need a bag to fit with my new lifestyle! I want an every day bag...but I also have a great use for a tote when I go back to school... All your advice has been helpful in narrowing down the large selection! I'll let you know what I decide on

    Just another question... i've seen some chatting that raised their prices. Were they less then LV Boutiques originally? I thought LV never went on sale and they were priced the same everywehre...

    Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance!!!
  10. Get the BH - it's so comfortable and would be great for school!!!
  11. njkimberly,
    LV IN GENERAL raised there prices throughout the U.S. elux therefore, had to change as well. you may have been reading some threads that were written late in the evening BEFORE the big change, when people were checking elux to see if they had changed the website prices. soon enough, they did.
  12. well since its ur first bag how about the classic speedy? good price and nothing is more classic LV than a speedy
  13. speedy is always a good first time bag
  14. My first bag was a hand-me-down in great condition. A pochette croissant. I actually prefer them after they've started to patina. But it's too small for everyday. The first bag I bought myself was a Damier Azur Speedy 30. It's so gorgeous I haven't even been able to carry it yet! But I agree a Speedy is a classic bag and a good place to start. I'd like to get a Damier Papillon 30 next. I'd also love to get something in Vernis...the Amarante (sp?) color. I wear that color nail polish religiously! :graucho:
  15. speedy25