NEW to LV... Suggestions for 1st Bag?

  1. I confess... I :heart: designer handbags but never before put Louis Vuitton on my priority list :wtf: !! But after seeing the Damier Azur line, and finally listening to my mom and relatives about how they're really classic and timeless, I completely fell in love with LV and really want to invest in one of their handbags!

    I know I can't go wrong with LV (and I've gone REALLY wrong with some of my other purchases before) so my question is, what would you recommend for a FIRST starter bag? I've taken a look at the eluxury website and I can't decide!! My budget is about $1000 (that probably doesn't give me a lot of options but I'd also like to get a Chanel this month... wow I'm bad :shame:smile: and am looking for something lightweight and durable! I LOVE big handbags and carry a lot of stuff around with me!

    Thanks so much in advance! I'm looking forward to building my own LV collection that's as drool-worthy as all of yours!!
  2. Speedy 30 in Azur
  3. how exciting! yes, a speedy would be perfect for you :smile: mini lin or damier...

    and welcome to the lv craze :yahoo:

    oh and hi neighbor :smile: i'm from sf too!
  4. Stat with a classic. Mono SPeedy 30. Can't go wrong with that. =)

    Warning: LV is VERY addictive.
  5. Ohhh sounds just like me I don't own any LV yet and would love to own a LV piece as well. From reading other posts alot of ppl say to get a Speedy as your first bag that is if you like handheld bags, but if you like shoulder bags I think a petite noe would be a great first bag as well. This is probably going to be my first LV the petite Noe since i prefer shoulder bags over Hand Held. You definitely came to the right place for this quetion though you will get so many ideas from everyone here. :p
  6. Speedy 30 in mono or damier!!
  7. here are my suggestions since you like big bags:

    1. Speedy 30 $620
    2. Cabas Piano $915
    3. Saleya PM $885
    4. Lockit Horizontal $965 or vertical $920
    5. Alma $900
    6. Batignolles Horizontal or vertical $815 (both)
  8. mono speedy! You can't go wrong!
  9. azur speedy! :love:
  10. My first was the Mono speedy 30 and LOVE IT. Had to get the "classic" bag first!
  11. You have to get mono for your first. My suggestion....mono speedy 25 or 30.
  12. I say mono speedy also!
  13. woo! i love all the excitement! let's reel her in girls :nuts:
  14. Definently get something in monogram. If you don't want a classic speey, try one of the lockit bags,the're classic and come in 3 shapes/sizes.
  15. your budget is $1000.....well, if that's the case, mono speedy 25 or 30 AND cles or small accesories to go with!!!! you gotta do it RIGHT for the fist time!! heeheee;) :graucho: :heart: :heart: :heart: