New to LV...NEED HELP!

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  1. I have a serious dilemma; I’ve been drooling over some LV Keepalls for a while. I can now afford one, but I don’t know which one to pick. IMO, I love the new graffiti collection and would love to get the orange keepall. Mind you, this will be my first piece from LV, and I’m not sure whether or not to go for the LE piece or just get the classic mono or damier. I believe if I get the LE piece now I can always get the classic keepall in the future (4months), but if I don’t get the graffiti keepall now, I would have to pay double the price to get one in the future...when it’s all sold out in stores.
    I’m new to this forum and any help will be appreciated.
  2. I'm not a fan of Graffiti. I reckon it's a lot more expensive than the standard keepall. I recommend a Damier ebene keepall 55 with strap as your first LV (classic pattern + no worries about vachetta). You'd have some cash left to buy yourself a messenger bag too!
  3. I think if you like the graffiti keepall, get it NOW!!! they are limited edition pieces and if you dont get it now, you may not get it at all. the monogram and damier will be around forever, but the LE"s are not. If you buy one later on ebay or through an authentic seller, you run the risk of paying way more as they may or may not be some sort of collectors pieces. if you decide to buy a graffiti piece, go to your local LV store and see if is possible to get one as many ppl have reserved them or waitlisted somehow. just go in and check the availability if you can.

    hope this helps and good luck on your decision
  4. I would get the graffiti now since it is LE. Mono and/or damier can wait till later.
  5. If you're falling in love with Graffiti, then definitely go for the LE instead bc you can always get the others later anytime.
  6. I agree, you should go for the LE might not be able to come by another....the other bags will still be there when you are ready for them!
  7. If you love the Graffiti - go for it! As you say, you can always get the classics later, but not the LE pieces (unless you're willing to spend 2 x retail on eBay...).
  8. Good point, or instead of the messenger, I can get a wallet and a few small leather goods!:wlae:...if it helps any, I do have just a little bit over 2k to spend. Thanks for the quick response!
  9. That's what I'm afraid of...I know for sure I won't be able to do that! I'm just a poor college know a lot of people can relate!
  10. Make sure you think carefully before parting with your money! You don't want to be skint while at college (it's not fun, trust me). Having an expensive LV that you may not use isn't really a good idea when you're not that well off. It's not that I'm discouraging you from buying any LVs but sometimes there are more important stuff to consider. I'd rather have the money in my bank account knowing that I'd be able to pay the rents and foot the bills on going out without having to cut back expenditure.

    Start with a Damier Keepall or small leather goods. :smile::heart:
  11. Go for it! Graffiti's hott. :smile:
  12. ^^^

    I agree, I love Graffiti!
  13. my choice would be for damier ebene. :yes:
  14. Well me personally, I'm not well off...but my parents?...Yes, they are. But when it comes to buy very luxurious items like LVs, I have to make my own $ to pay for it, because my parents will not pay for it...but my apartment, food, and etc. they pay for! They say that's how I'll be more responsible and be more appreciative about things in the future, and I'll take care of it more, being that I worked hard to pay for it. I parents are strict, but I do think it'll be beneficial in the long run!