New to LV..need help please!

  1. Hello ladies! Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas holiday so far! Im new to Louis Vuitton and I need help with some things so I was wondering if you would be kind enough to help me out.

    I am currently about to purchase my first LV. I have decided on the speedy 30 (its classic and a staple LV bag to have...and I LOVE it!!) I have always wanted the classic monogram, but I wanted to learn more about taking care of the handles so the vachetta doesnt become the dirty black patina you sometimes see. I have searched for threads but havent been successful in finding one that explains about it in detail. If someone has the thread link would you post it? Also, Im thinking about purchasing it from ELuxury if I dont go to my local LV store. Has anyone had any problems? I know at my LV store I have seen some speedys with the handles already in the patina stage (even though its obviously new) or some of the stitching coming loose...what would happen if I wasnt happy with the LV they send me? Could I take it to my LV store to exchange it? Also, I would really love one that says made in france. I know its just a minor detail and the quality is the same, but I have been told its going to be hard to find because the newer bags are the only ones being produced in france. Apparently the older style bags are produced in the US. Is it weird to be that picky? Is it possible to find one made in france now? Thanks for your help ladies!! I really appreciate it!

    -Lauren :heart:
  2. hi, link to the vachetta/ patina threads. hope it helps.

    for france speedy i think it's not so easy to get one in usa. if u are travelling to europe or asia the chance is much higher.
  3. If you purchase on Elux, you can only return to them, not the boutique. I prefer you purchasing at the boutique, you can try it on, pick the one you like and yes...inspect it so there'll be no hole, loose stiching or anything else.
  4. Im sure u can have it exchanged.. But i suggest u go down to ur local store so u can choose all u want. U might just find "made in France". Ha .. Good Luck! If u use apple guard for the vachetta u should be fine..
  5. than you VERY much for your responses! I was worried I wouldnt get an answer. Thanks again for taking time out to help me!
  6. What about taxes? If I buy on E-lux and I don't have an LV store in my state doesn't that mean I won't have to pay taxes? But if I go to a boutique, I will have to pay?
  7. ^^yes, but you dont have to pay shipping if you buy from the boutiques.... so sometimes the costs even out.
  8. You can ask your boutique to get you one made in France. MIght take a few days, but they can fnd one for you. I've done it.
  9. My #1 tip would have to be: clean hands. Hope you find your perfect made-in-France Speedy really soon!