New to LV - Looking for a bag

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm usually over at the Gucci forum but do lurk here once awhile.

    I'm looking to purchase a small LV purse suitable for going out at night but I have no idea what I should get.

    I promised myself a new bag after losing 30 pounds...and here I am today, 30 pounds lighter! :biggrin:

    I like the damier ebene print and was looking at the Eva clutch but my cousin already own maybe I should get something different.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Let me the first to congratulate you on the weight loss!

    As far as the bag, if you love Damier Ebene (as I do) and love the Eva Clutch, get it. Who cares if your cousin has one? Everyone in my neighborhood has a speedy or a neverful but that doesn't stop us from buying our own!

    Get what you love!
  3. Congrats on making your goal! I was going to say Eva clutch, before you mentioned your cousin. I have the Eva it in both Damier Ebene and also in Azur. Maybe you can get it in Mono if your cousin has the Damier Ebene and you don't want the same exact bag. But if you do want it then get it! My sister and I both have the Damier Ebene Eva. It really is a great going-out bag. The Milla is also a great bag, too but doesn't hold as much. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. Maybe I should get the Eva clutch... It looks really nice! :biggrin: I'm not really a fan of the monogram canvas. Would the Azur canvas get dirty easily? I'm not really that careful with my bags...haha unfortunately.
  5. Well, fist of all welcome!!!:biggrin:
    To be honest i dont own any lv clutch but there are plenty of them on, where you could take a look!!!
    IMO, you should buy a classic speedy,ebene or mono.Why?
    1.Since its your first Lv bag,u should buy a speedy bag cause it's THE LV bag.
    2.I understand u want an evening Lv bag,well speedy may not be exactly the typical evening clutch but u can tottaly hold it till late at night.Basically u can hold it anytime!!
    3.IMO,the price is ok(in comparison with some other models)
    4.IMO, even if u are a LV fan or not, LV speedy is a must have purse for every fashionable yet chic girl

    Hope this helped!!!:P
  6. I also suggest the Eva as long as your not too petite, otherwise the strap is too long cross body IMO. There is always the regular pochettes as well.
  7. I forgot to mention I'm not a speedy or neverfull fan. :shucks: My friend has the really small speedy in the damier ebene's cute but I really don't see myself carrying it. Maybe I should really go to the store and try it on.

  8. I don't have one but I like the pochette accessoires because you can use it as an evening bag but also just to hold small things in your normal bag (so you get more use out of it). Eva is nice but I wouldn't use it inside another bag so I wouldn't get much use out of it.
  9. The Sofia Cappola for LV clutches in Lambskin are very well made, and are quite eye catching. You should check them out!
  10. Eva was going to be my suggestion, but if you do not want it, you can check out mono Beverly clutch - it is very pretty. Does your cousin have Eva in mono? You could get it in ebene (or the other way round :smile:). Azur is also beautiful, but it's very light and gets dirty easily IMO.
  11. Yaay, congrats on your weight-loss :smile: Nothing is more important than having a healthy body. As for the LV, go for the Beverly clutch since your cousin already has the mono.
  12. you should go for a bag that you imagined buying while you were loosing weight, and if it s eva, go for it!
    i think that eva in damier ebene is wonderful choice, it can be evening bag or day bag, shoulder, wrislet or crossbody...
  13. vernis sunset boulevard - in pomme or amarante! so beautiful!
  14. Thanks for the suggestion! I, too, was looking for my first LV bag. I looked that one up and it is GORGEOUS.

    EDIT: Sigh, I just noticed that it's out of stock on their site. Hopefully the Saks I live by has it...
  15. I agree! or the Rouge Fauviste, I have that and it's gorgeous! I don't understand the Speedy hype, never had one and not planning to get one either, so you just go ahead and buy what you want and need, there are no rules to what you should get first, etc. I wish I had known what I know today about LV, that way I would have made much better choices to begin with and bought Ebene and Vernis and Epi from the beginning, rather than wasting time with endless Mono. Sure, some Mono bags are great, too, but I just mean that it's ok to buy other stuff even if it's your first LV. Enjoy!