New to LV- heat stamp question


Jun 25, 2014
Hi. So I'm new to tpf so I'm sorry if this sort of question has been asked before put here goes. I got the new balloon charm for myself to celebrate something I have accomplished that I'm proud of. I was thinking of getting it heat stamped with something to remind me of my accomplishment. I'm going on vacation to a different country soon and am definitely planning on going to an LV boutique in the city we are visiting. Is it possible that they would do the heat stamp there for me even if I didn't buy it there? Do they do it on the spot usually and give it right back to you? Thanks for your help in advance.


LV Content
Dec 11, 2012
You should be able to get it stamped anywhere. The time depends on the store. I had a bracelet stamped and they brought it right back out but I've heard of some having to leave it and pick it up at another time.


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
If they are able to heatstamp at that location, they should be able to do it even if you didn't purchase it there. Both items I've had heatstamped I had to come back after an hour to pick the item back up.