New to LV, have a question about agendas!

  1. Hi all! I am new to LV, and I had a question about the agendas. Lately I've been lusting a Suhali Small Ring Agenda in Plum. :girlsigh: Now, my question. Does LV have new colors they introduce every season, or are they always available? :confused1: About how good is my luck of finding that agenda in Plum now, if it came out seasons ago? :crybaby:AND HOW SHOULD I GO ABOUT GETTING/FINDING ONE? Sigh. Thank you so much everyone!
  2. You can look on eBay? Or maybe, but I've never seen and agenda on there. I dunno where else you can get an out of season agenda.

    LV introduces new colors sometimes and stops producing others...I'm not sure how regularly.
  3. Plum is discontinued...good luck with that one, some plum stuff is still in the LV system(had to replace a belt, last year..thanks puppy!!!!), but I doubt you'll find it.
    As for the other agendas, in general they are permanent additions to the collections, new colors are introduced every once in a while
  4. you can always try the 1866 number, there are still some blue left in system, but Plum has been discontinued for so long, the best bet is the keep an eye on eBay, or post a Want it Now. some of the second hand site might have traces of it, you can find a list of auth & legit second hand site by searching the Shopping forum. Good luck!
  5. A few stores might still have a couple left, so the 866 number is a good idea to track one down possibly. Otherwise eBay is probably the one way to go, but remember to post here so other members can help you verify authenticity!
  6. When I got my geranium agenda a couple of weeks ago, 866vuitton said there are still about 6 plum agendas left in the country.
    Call them asap and see how many they still have :yes:
  7. Great news! I hope you can get one soon! Good Luck! :flowers: