New to LV, First bag?

  1. Well I normally stick to the cheaper stuff
    coach, dooney, ect.

    But I wonderd into my local LV store a couple days
    ago and fell in LVOE! I wanted everything!
    I see how its easy to get addicted!

    Well I guess my question is
    I found a speedy 25 thats only a year old
    for $230! [authentic]

    So do you think that would be a good first LV bag?
    and what else do you recomend for a first time buyer?

  2. YES! A Speedy is great for a first bag, everyone says, and it's going to be my first LV! And $230 is a total bargain.
  3. Speedy 25 is always a good choice. Otherwise, I'd say a good first LV is whatever captures your heart and is in your budget! :smile:
  4. A speedy is a perfect 1st LV, but if you're going to be buying it used make sure it's authentic. There are some good places and sellers online that sell used / authentic LV.... Let-Trade for example.

    If you're going to be buying used check with the authenticate thread on the LV shopping boards.

    Good luck.
  5. I checked with them and they said :tup:
    Thanks guys!
    I really would have preferred a speedy 30
    But this is such a good bargin I cant pass it up
  6. That sounds like a good deal if it is real!
  7. ^ I agree. ^^^^
  8. Go Speedy!!!
  9. Make sure it's authentic....only buy from a reputable seller. Just because someone says it's real doesn't mean a thing. Just an FYI!! It's a great bag and a great long as you're positive it's authentic. There's way too many scammers out there.
  10. Yes, definitely the Speedy.
  11. Speedy is a great first LV bag. Where did you find such a deal? Congrats and welcome to the LV side ;)
  12. speedy is a great choice!
  13. that's a good one!
  14. great first LV and awesome price.
  15. A speedy is a great 1st LV. For, that price I say GO FOR IT!