New to LV and some questions

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've been lurking in here for a while (I'm from the Coach forum), and I finally think I'm ready to take the plunge into LV. I have been a Coach fan for years now, but I am becoming turned off by many things about the brand (ie. LE pieces that I was on the waitlist for, showing up at the outlet a few months later at over 75% off).
    I have been lurking here and I must say you ladies have taught me a lot about the LV brand. I like to know as much as possible about a brand before wearing it. I really like the azur and the damier, and i i thought I didnt care for the mono... but now that I see all your pics, you have me second guessing! Any pro's/cons to either?
    Also, the two styles I am deciding between are the Neverfull MM, and the Galleria PM. Any advice or opinions are greatly welcomed.
    Lastly, I have been in the LV store a few times, and have found that the SA's are unhelpful... as in, no one even acknowledges me! I figure its because I'm not carrying an LV. I have a lot of questions about the different lines, and really just want to chat with an SA before I purchase, but they dont seem to want to help. I'm used to Coach where the SA's know me and my husband by name. If I go up and start asking an SA questions, is he/she going to be helpful, or brush me off? haha I am sorry to sound like such a newbie... but I'm just wondering! =)
    TIA ladies.
  2. Some of the SA's in LV Boutiques seem to have an
    "attitude" thing going on. If they see you are really serious about buying, they can be helpful. Guess they get lots of "lookers"!!
    There are really no pros and cons to LV. Its an outstanding product. Its just a matter of which style, size, etc. that you like and feel comfortable with. Once you buy your first piece you will come back for more. Its adddictive.

    Most people start collecting with mono, then move on the damier or Epi or Vernis. All the lines have a different appeal. Go into the Boutique and try on different styles before you make a final decision on your first. Good Luck!!
  3. The leather on mono darkens and can get/look dirty. It depends on what you like. I like LV because there is really no it bag unless you buy LE. That is why I am not an LE fan. But see what you like on the web. It depends where you go. Maybe go on a slow day and see who appears friendly and talk to that saleslady.
  4. so sorry that u've encountered unhelpful SA's...u find that everywhere, whether u carry an LV or not. hopefully, u will find a helpful SA to help gain u entry into LV! pros to damier ebene is its low maintenance, no vachetta (pale leather) to worry about. damier azur is a bit harder to take care of due to its lighter interior. mono is classic, but again, it generally has a decent amount of vachetta that can stain, show water marks, etc. vachetta also darkens over time, so if u prefer the light look, it may not be for u. most people seem to enjoy their bags as they get darker, it gives them character. the neverfull and galliera are both great bags and popular. the only complaints i hear about the neverfull are that the thin straps might be painful depending on ur pain tolerance, and the straps might slip whereas the galliera has a single, thick strap. there is a pretty significant price difference between the two, so not sure if that's an issue. also, regarding mono, i always think i'm going to move away from it, and i keep ending up with new mono items! its a bit addictive...let us know what u decide on!
  5. Thanks for all the advice ladies.
    I like the damier neverfull because it seems very practical. I like tote-style bags that are easy to get in and out of. But the thin straps do look like they may get painful or slip off easily.
    I have been eyeing the galleria ever since I saw the pics of Rihanna with it... such a nice shape to it. I like it in azur, but i think it looks even better in mono. However, i dont really care for mono in general so thats where I'm stuck.
    Thank you for the advice on SA's. I'm sure they do get a lot of "lookers". I'm not really shy when it coems to sales people, so I should just approach one and ask away =)
  6. I'm sorry that you have encountered stand off-ish SA's. It took me some time to build a relationship in my store. I had bought 3 or 4 items before I found someone I really clicked with. Thinking back, I think that the SA's just aren't pushy. I think that they sort of stand back and wait to see if you want help. I could be wrong. I remember being very nervous the first few times I went into LV. Now most everyone in our store know us by name so I understand the relationship that you have created with your Coach SA's.

    You really should go back to LV and try on the bags. If you are worried about being judged for carrying a Coach than just leave it at home. Although, honestly whenever I'm in LV I see many different designer bags. Heck, we were at an LV private party and saw Coach, Chanel, etc. which I thought was odd but whatever! I would try to go in during a slow time if possible. Maybe you would feel less nervous if the store wasn't busy.

    Between the NF and Galliera, I prefer the Galliera. I have the Damier NF MM and the Mono Galliera PM. Both bags are spacious but the Galliera is more comfortable to carry. Many people will reference the straps on the NF as being too thin, however I haven't had a problem with that.

    BTW, I used to be into Coach and left it behind for LV! Watch out it's addictive! I told my dh I would only ever want 1 LV! LOL Boy, was I wrong!

  7. Man, how much I AGREE with you when it comes to LV SA's...

    Are they EVER snobby! :rolleyes:

    It's sad when many of them 'judge' you when you first enter the store, because honestly I've been a fan of LV for many years and I have purchased from my LV boutique, but do not know ANY of the SA's names. I only remember their faces because they don't even bother to help me.

    It's really shameful, and unsatisfying to see crappy customer service.

    ANYWAYS, back on topic; I think the monogram is a true classic, and I believe many of us started off from the monogram collection. If you're looking for bigger and roomier bags, I suggest the Neverfull. It's a wonderful piece that I have personally seen and well, it never gets full! :roflmfao:

    The Speedy 30 is also an excellent choice, but I'm glad you're starting to like LV as much as we do! :smile:
  8. i know alot of the people who own the neverfull dont like the straps....i still want a graffiti one. i havent heard too many complaints about the galliera..... you should really go to the boutique and choose the one thats right for you.

    there are def pros and cons of both damier and mono. i LOVE the mono, however, the neverfull is the one bag i dont like in mono. i only like it in damier. the damier is good because it is low maintenance because there is no VVN(untreated leather) i dont care for azur at all. idk why, i just dont, plus when the VVN ages and patinas, im not sure how nice it will look with dark handles

    as for the SA's: you WILL get very snobby SA's sometimes. you've just got to build a relationship with a particular one, and over time, you will be treated better, its not right, but its the way it is. however, there ARE very nice, very helpful SA's. a way to get them to help you is to show interest in actually buying an item. many people walk in LV and just look around. the SA's dont have time to help people that dont have a real interest in purchasing. once you've met and spoken with a few, choose the SA that you like most and-this is very important- STICK WITH THAT SA!!! by building a good relationship, you may be invited to viewings, receive gifts, etc.

    i hope this info helps.....welcome to the brown side....someone else said this, but it was cute;)
  9. i am thinking about getting myself a speedy 30! but i also like the neverfull.

    i have noticed that a LOT of the lv SA's are snobs. whatever. dont let it bother you, they are nicer after you carry lv though and dont seem to care for coach.
  10. I'll be the first to admit it; there are some snobby SAs. I wouldn't even call it snobery--it's more "frosty." I think that this quote from another poster in the Hermès forum also applies to LV.

  11. ^^^i actually find that Hermes associates are FAR more willing to assist and help customers. i LVOE LV, but they have dug themselves a hole. they have made their luxury brand available to the masses and in doing that, they have lost alot of their exclusivity. Hermes still has a very selective and elite type of clientele and have to deal with them in an entirely different way than LV SA's.
  12. I totally agree with you about LV being available to the masses, but have to disagree with you on the part about how SAs treat customers. I've gotten excellent service from when shopping at both companies boutiques. I agree with you it helps to have to have an established relationship with a SA to get good service. Dealing with both companies is no different; having a regular SA is what can make or break an experience. The problem of "frosty" service is not unique to LV, Hermes has the same problem. The Hermes board has posts about terrible customer service with first time clients. It really is all about having a relationship with a SA.
  13. i dont know

    to me it doesnt matter what you are selling i think SA's should always be nice. i mean there are to grocery stores by my house, there is one that is 4 blocks away but they are ALWAYS rude, but there the other is 2 miles away, it is always packed and they are always very nice. needless to say which one i shop at.
  14. ^^really? ive never had poor customer service in hermes. i guess i was at the right boutique at the right time, with the right SA. my very first, and favorite hermes SA is Keith from the Vienna, VA boutique. anyone going to the hermes in vienna, ask for keith!!!! he is fabulous
  15. Is there another LV close to you? I am VERY lucky that I have 5 LV's within 5 miles of me and I will only shop at Beverly Hills. The other 4 of them have the rudest SA's.