New to LV and love it but.....

  1. New to LV and love it but, find that I get less bang for my buck. Not complaining just an observation. I am absolutely in love with LV but, after taking my MJ Danielle bag out over the weekend I was thinking about how my total leather MJ cost less than my Speedy(140.00less). Do not get me wrong I love my Speedy and I am new to and getting use to canvas but, a part of me feels like my MJ was such a deal because of the hardware and soft thick leather. It is just different I suppose and an adjustment and of course cannot be compared at all. Perhaps I need an Epi leather bag to get a sense of LV's leather pieces. Being so use to leather it may give me even more of an appreciation for LV. People with the Epi leather are you won over????
  2. LOL...welcome to LV world..

    Sometime I think leather gets more credit than canvas. I personally think canvas can outlast leather.
    I know how you feel about how come canvas cost more than your MJ leather bag.
    In general:
    LV has better resell value
    never go on sale makes it even more appealing...

    I have epi bag, love it but it's more structure than normal leather you used to..
  3. I feel your pain. As I am just less than 2 months old when it comes to loving LV. The prices are steep and the quality is good. I personally don't think good quality needs to warrant that type of price tag though. YES LV is overpriced but....if you love it then just get it (if your means allows you to).

    I personally don't care what I pay, as long as I can afford it and as long as I love it, and most importantly: If I feel it was worth it.
  4. I understand your hesitance about LV canvas vs. getting a high quality leather bag.... I think that a large component of LV's high prices are for their advertising and name-brand "costs" and not just pure construction costs. I've tried really hard to get into LV mono canvas and damier or to find an epi bag I love. But it's been really hard for me. So I found a new way to enjoy LV:

    I mainly buy only the limited edition pieces. I have a cerises sac plat--love it to death even though it's not leather. To me, it's chic and happy! I also bought a epi blue segur MM since the blue is being discontinued and the purse is a classic style. I bought groom wallet in the red combo since it's LE.

    These are the "small" ways I've found that work for me to enjoy LV. I won't say I'll NEVER buy a mono or damier "regular" bag, but at least this way, I enjoy LV without feeling like I'm paying more than I should.
  5. I understand where you are coming from, because only a few months back I was saying the same thing! But you really have to consider the versatiality of the pieces and the fact that it will, in fact, last forever. The Canvas is sturdy and not to mention virtually indestructible. And I must agree with BagsnBags, that Vuitton IS timeless. If you walk out the door, you will see women of various ages carrying Vuitton bags. My mom uses my bags and she's 63!! (I'm 27) And the fact that it never goes on sale is ALSO a plus. Most IT-bags dont get seen much after the hype dies down, whereas a Vuitton bag can be carried whenever.

    I used to think that it would be crazy to purchase a Vuitton bag for the exorbitant prices, when I could get leather bags for half the price.. but in the end, all the factors mentioned above won me over. And in the end, for me, it's worth it. :flowers:
  6. LV makes many lines of leather bags - vernis, epi, suhali, nomade - in addition to the men's lines - taiga, utah, tobago. You are not limited to canvas pieces. :yes:
  7. I've found that the LV canvas is much more practical than my leather purses. Leather is so easy to scratch, and once you do there's really no way to get rid of the scratch. The LV canvas is much more durable and will still look new after much wear. And LV is an enduring classic.

    I hope this makes you feel better about your purchase! :smile:
  8. That's funny you mention that, I remember 25 years ago, my mom and my uncle's wife both got mono speedies and my uncle was telling them, "how could you spend so much money on a bag that's not even leather!" I wonder how much they were back then. :yes: But in all reality, I believe, they do outlast the leather bags.
  9. the canvas is great... but what i hae about LV is the poor quality on the brass hardware and zippers...
  10. Totally agree w/you kookielf!!! :yes:
  11. I know what you mean, I'm days away from buying a Cabas Piano, and now that it's getting closer, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the $880 dollar pricetag. I keep rationalizing it in my head saying I bust my @$$ for it etc etc, but it's 880 dollars for a bag. My husband saw my ipod cover when it got here and he said $140 for that OMG. He actually didn't talk to me for like 15 minutes. Imagine the reaction for a almost 900 dollar bag:wtf: I might be divorced :sad:
  12. LV is a timeless piece and thats what's so good about it. It never goes out of style. Maybe a new Gucci bag may be in style for that particular time period but once the season is over it's basically out of style.
  13. Thanks guys I feel better about the canvas and love it but, find it hard to wrap my head around the price tags..I feel so poor compared to many people who have huge collections..I find it hard to decide on a piece because of the price point. So glad that LV is timeless that makes it worth while. Bag Freak I feel your pain and know what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yeah, sometimes I feel like that too. It's just that hundreds of dollars for a bag...with a small amount of real leather...and the rest is canvas. Is it really worth it?? But I love LV, so yes, it's worth every penny! And of course, the resell value for most LV is pretty high and LV is never out of fashion!! I can picture myself 20 years from now still using the LV I bought these two months!
  15. I'm a LV newbie and only have one (Mono Cabas Piano). If you'd told me I'd pay $600 on eBay for coated canvas and the only leather was the handles and bottom, I'd say you were crazy. However, now that I have it I love it. It's so practical for travel and so lightweight yet carries a lot! As I get older, I can't carry the really heavy bags anymore and the Mono suits me.

    Next time I'm in a LV store, I'm going to look at the Epi to see what the leather is like.

    You won't get any argument from me about it being overpriced, though.