New to LV...and I have a question =)

  1. Hi Ladies, I'm visiting your forum from Balenciaga. Does anyone know if the Manhattan Bag is available in stores. I wanted to get one for my Mom but I don't know how LV works. Was it only out for a season or is it a regular bag that would be available in stores now. Thanks so much!
  2. It is! Its not a limited bag. However, I would still call in to your local store to hold one.

    Which one are you interested in purchasing, GM or PM?
  3. Like Sophia said, it's still availble in store now... there're 2 sizes, GM & PM.

    Hope you will get one!!
    Welcome to Louis Vuitton!!
  4. Thank you so much for the quick response! What is the difference between GM and PM? Sorry...I'm very new to LV. Thanks again!
  5. Its still available. check out eluxury, the had some up last week.
  6. The GM is the larger size, while PM (Petite) is smaller.

    PM: [​IMG]