New to Louboutin

  1. Hi All~
    I've never owned a pair of Louboutins (*gasp!*) and of course I would love a pair. There isnt a store near me that sells em,so I'm goin to have to get them online. I'm wondering if they run small or true to size? I normally wear an 8, what should I get in Louboutins?
  2. Depends what style you are looking for. Some Louboutins run 1 size small, 1 size big, TTS, etc.
  3. depends on the style! welcome to the world of CLs! its a slippery slope!
  4. Cleo - CL shoes are notorious for their erratic sizing. My recommendation for ordering CL shoes online is to get at least 2 different sizes so you know which fit you best. The sizing really depends on the style of the shoe and the heel height, but it is generally the rule that you should size up at least 1/2 a size.
    Good luck and be sure to post photos of your shoes once you get them so that we can all admire them.
  5. Thanks for the tips ladies!
    ...and thanks blackbird for the guide!
    Chrisitian Louboutin, Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. WOW, never saw this site before. Not bad...she is pretty on point with all of her sizing.

    If your an 8....most of the CL's you will be a 39. Im an eight and wear mostly a 39 in CL, BUT!...every shoe is different. I would read that entire site...she is good with her sizing. Plus do a search on this will find a lot of different Louboutin sizing threads.