New to Louboutin, pump question

  1. I was at Neimans yesterday trying on pumps that were similar to this pair on eBay:

    They were size 5 and were still big for me, I literally had .5 between my heel and the heel of the shoe! However I was seriously considering putting all these inserts in the shoe if possible. I did notice that the side of the shoe (is that the vamp?) was cut quite low.

    When I searched for pumps online I found these at Saks:

    The side of the shoe is cut higher, if I get that in a 5 maybe it would fit better?

  2. Hi honu and be prepared for an addiction. LOL

    CLs are known for having low vamps, it's what makes them sexy imo. Inserts do work on shoes not just for comfort but for sizing too. Is it possible for you to go back to NM with an insert and try on the shoes to see if it works out for you? My NM SA always has some on hand if I am iffy about a shoe fitting me.
  3. I would get addicted to Louboutins if I could fit them properly! Then again that might be a good thing for my wallet :p

    What about the SFA ones? It doesn't look like the vamp is cut too low for those.
  4. I do have a pair of those and they do fit more tightly around the toe area and lower instep than my other CL pumps.