New to Longchamp with a cuir question!

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  1. Hello all! I just purchased my first new to me small cuir. I noticed there is no horse symbol on the metal clip on the long strap. Does this automatically scream fake, or is the symbol not on all straps? I just know on a lot of the pics I've seen, it seems it's there. This is the only big concern I have after looking it over. I was going to post on the authentication forum, but I'm new and don't have many other posts in this forum and I know I read somewhere its preferred to be an active poster. Thank you so much for your help!!
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    I have a Mocha Cuir which I bought from an LC boutique a year ago which doesn't have the horse symbol on the strap. My other 2 Cuirs have the horse symbol on the strap
  3. Thank you! I bought this from a consignment store that "guarantees" authenticity and has a good return policy, but being so new, I have no prior bags to compare it to. From looking through the authenticity forum here, it appears to have all of the characteristics of an authentic bag. Fingers crossed!! Thank you again for your reply!!
  4. Well you can always try posting in the Authenticate thread for peace of mind. Better that way

  5. I think I will. Thank you!!