New to Longchamp - I just bought a hobo

  1. Ive heard of Longchamp and know of them to be classic leather bags. Ive just purchased a medium sized hobo which is light toffee brown with a middle panel that looks like faux croc leather which is brown fading into light green.

    Its a unusual bag but I love it. Is this familiar to anyone? Not sure if its part of the Spring collection as I bought it on sale. I did look at the website, but couldnt find it. Could anyone shed any light on this style?

  2. I love Longchamp bags.... I got 3 from Saks... 2 in the Rodeo style.... I heard from the SA that this is a great line.....very well made...
    enjoy your bag.
  3. Congratulations! Longchamp bags are such classics and you will love it for years!