New To Kooba...What Do You Think?

  1. Hi Ladies. I have recently purchased my first Koobas. I've admired/been curious about them for a few years now, but never bought one. I got the Hannah clutch (used it once and love it) and just picked up the Paige in tan leather at NM Last Call for a great price (better than half off).

    What are your opinions on the bag...primarily the Paige since I'm on the fence about the bag and the color (haven't used it yet, so could still return)?

    Thanks for the feedback!;)
  2. Welcome to Kooba World :yahoo:

    I have the Paige in Bourbon and love the bag. It is bigger and heavier than some of the other Koobas, but it is tough, durable and great for carrying a ton of stuff. I find I use mine a lot, especially when traveling. The color you bought sounds nice. If it were the straw color, instead, you might be concerned about it getting dirty a little, but you can coat the heck out of it with Wilson's.
  3. I can't get the file of the pictures to keeps failing, so the bags are:

    Hannah clutch in Black leather
    Paige in Tan leather
  4. I love the Paige! Its one of my favorite styles! I say keep her!
  5. The Paige is a great bag, but sound unsure...I would send it back if I were not in love with it...
  6. I like the Paige, though I don't own one. It looks like a nice roomy bag and tan is a good almost year-round color. (I don't know if people have had maintenance issues with the tan leather, like the cream/ivory leather.) But, I'd keep it, especially if you got it new for a good price.
  7. I have the Paige in java and love it. However, the downside is that it's a fairly heavy bag. I'm okay with that because I love the size, style and especially the color. You don't sound too sure about yours, what is it that you're unsure about? The color, the size, the shape, the weight? If it's just the color, then hold out for another color, even if it costs a few dollars more.

    In your shoes I'd only keep it if I was certain about it. It may be half price, but it's hardly a bargain if it ends up sitting in your wardrobe unused. That money could be used towards a bag that you instantly love and constantly use.