New to Kooba - Is this a good deal?

  1. you absolutely LOVE it? if you do, then go for it...if not, i'd keep shopping!
  2. For a Kelsey I'd say it's a good deal, especially as it's from a reputable store. I give it the thumbs up.
  3. No....I don't LOVE it. Thanks so much for the reply!
  4. There are so many great Koobas out there, so I would say if you dont love it keep searching. Believe me you will find the right one and probably more once you get one:wlae:
  5. I agree with song...if you don't absolutely LOVE it, if it doesn't make your heart go pitty pat, then keep looking.

    For a Kelsey though, that is a decent price with absolute authenticity.
  6. Gosh no, if you don't LOVE the Kelsey, then wait for a Kooba that really makes you want it.
  7. I see it is not available.
  8. I agree with the other girls, if the love isn't there, it's better to wait until you see one you really like.