New to HH, and about to buy a bag!!!

  1. Hey everybody, I'm new to HH, and I feel like it's going to be a brand for me to really get into and love.
    The leather looks very durable and soft, and the styles look like they could go from day to night from business to a dinner party.

    Advice on picking one?
    I think I'll go the way of bonanza or eBay to fit more in my price range, but once I know how much I love them, I'll probably save and splurge later :graucho:

    already getting ideas :p

    I hope to get one on it's way by this weekend, and was hoping there'd be a crowd of sorts for a reveal. (This would be my first bag purchase in 2 years... yes, two)

    so thanks for help/input/suggestions. I appreciate it!!!
  2. Welcome.....
    Might I suggest that you look what's on the Bay and Bon and let us know what bags strike your fancy. Let us know how you will use the bag (day for work, or play or just evening???) how much stuff you need to "stuff" into the bag and anything else that's important to you.
    Give us some direction - and we'll steer you to the right item......:p
  3. I have found a black sonia tote on bonanza I really love.
    I've tried to find mod shots/ reviews of the bag doing a forum search but wanted more feedback on that one in particular.
    :smile: thanks!
  4. I do not have a Sonia, but have always been attracted to the bag because of the leather, the shape, the strap drop and that it's not a wide bag. Holds a lot as well.

    Why don't you start another thread asking people for their opinion on why they love their Sonia's?? And if not, why????
  5. Hey klb4556, nice to see you here. I've also been eyeing the Sonia, but right now I'm just holding off on bags since I just treated myself to a Minkoff and a Treesje very recently. Have you looked at the Havanas at all? They're quite unique and carry well during the day and into the night. But they're not particularly structured if that's what you're looking for (I saw you in the Botkier subforum wanting a structured bag).

    There aren't many Havanas on Bonz or eBay right now but they do pop up. I got a nice Eucalyptus one from a TPF member from Bonz at a beautiful price, so keep looking out!

    What about the Trophy or the Corcovado, if you like the size of the Sonia?

  6. thanks sf! I hope it's ok I abbreviate you :smile:
    I did see a havana on ebay a while ago for 100, nwot, it was black, very good deal but I wasn't familiar with HH at all then.
    I like the hobo look a lot and the fact that it looks a lot different than other brands.

    The sonia I'm looking at has white stitching against black leather, which is different than most black ones, but I do really like it.
    And I was having a hard time with the treesje/ HH/botkier decision for my next purchase, and I ruled out Botkier, for what reason, idk, I just was drawn more to the treesje and HH designs.

    One thing, I feel like by searching, the sonia tote is more of a business type bag for some, to carry files and legal pads.. folders.. etc in, which it's very organized- I also love that part. But will it be a good back to take for a night out?

    And thanks dcblam, I will!!!
  7. I love the organisation of the Sonia. I don't have one....yet. But I am very tempted.

    Of course what you feel most comfortable carrying on a night out is very subjective and also depends on where you go at night, but I personally prefer carrying smaller bags at night.
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  9. hi chezmadame!

    thanks for those!! they really help. About how tall are you for reference? I don't want something really really big because a lot of times I don't have as much to stuff it with as I think I do, so it ends up looking a lot more slouchy.

    I think I'd like something that fits on my shoulder and carries comfortably. I saw a sloane a while ago I liked. Although with double straps idk how well it stays on. In other words, I really like that size.
  10. I LOVE the Sonia. For me it is the perfect work bag because it fits file folders and has tons of organization. It is also fairly light weight. In the "what HH bag are you wearing today thread" there should be a photo of me with my bag from a few days ago. There may be some on my blog too.

    If I know I am going out after work I usually toss a smaller bag in my main bag. I love the Staci cross body for this. (I have 2). It is small but not too small and the 3 compartments make it easy to organize.
  11. Did you go for it, klb? Would love to know what you decided on.
  12. I'm 5'2", so I'm pretty small.