New to Hermes

  1. I am new to the world of Hermes, but am looking to add to my family of LV. What does a medium bag start out at. Just bought a new house so I have to convine my husbang that it is an "investment":rolleyes:
  2. Welcome Kathryn! What sort of bag are you looking for? Hermes has got a great selection. Have a look through the ref section. Oh, and don't forget the scarves.... a great way to start out on your H journey (and it will be journey that never ends...).
  3. welcome kathryn ,u will learn a lot of stuff in this forum and one thing for sure u will never be bored,:yes: that is why i have my place set up here:beach:
  4. The Evelyne messenger bag starts out at about $1700. A Trim Shoulder bag is around $3500+, a basic Kelly starts at just under $6k
  5. Welcome!! Let us know what your lifestyle is like and we can help more -- the nice thing is there are lots of smaller and less expensive items to begin with while you save/plan for the perfect bag!
  6. I am no help at all since I too am a newbie! Just wanted to say welcome!
  7. Welcome! I'd say the average is mid 3K and up for a medium to small size bag. Birkins and Kellys are significantly more even for the small sizes and final price depends on leather.
  8. welcome to the forum!