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  1. Hi guys, I have been into Louis for over a year now and I visited my first Hermes store (in Chicago) last month and can't seem to get it out of my head. I was considering purchasing a belt from either Louis or Hermes when I head back to the city this weekend. The question- Is a Hermes belt a good place to start- I have a limited budget (under 700$) and I really like the LV belt but I also love the H belt. How do the belt kits work from Hermes?
    The other item I was considering was the agenda cover with 2 pairs of hooks on the inside but I just got a Smythson agenda for Christmas so I think I should go for the belt. I love LV but I think I'm ready to try out Hermes :smile:
  2. I guess no one here likes Hermes :shrugs:
  3. "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

    Get anything, then you'll see what we see......................
  4. Hi I have a belt and it is great, because it can be used on either side, mine is an etoupe togo and black box combo, I have the silver H and I think it is a really nice place to start with Hermes.
    You can also get the strap in different combos, like black and gold or Blue jean and black, the choices are pretty good.
    If you have a search in this section, you will find lots of members talking about the belts and how they find them. :tup:
  5. Straps can be purchased separate from buckles, but a buckle cannot be purchased separately from a strap. Straps run around $380 (for non-exotic) and buckles around $200, give or take depending on the exact one (more complex, more money). All belts are reversible, most having togo on one side, a textured leather, and a smooth leather on the reverse (again, I think this can very). Combination I started out with was a orange / brown. In my experience, after owning a few LV and Hermes belts, the Hermes do hold up significantly better. My LV belts always had a fair degree of stretching, etc, while the H ones are all holding their shape rather well. A basic belt kit should run you less then $700 (minimum is $580 I believe).

    As for other items, wallets ($1000+), card cases, jewelry, and agendas all vary in price. You may want to take a look at the Ulysse notebook. Its far simpler then an agenda, but at least for me, much more functional. They're usually also significantly cheaper (around $250 including insert vs around $450 for an agenda).
  6. I have H belts and LV belts - there is absolutely no comparison as far as quality goes. The LV leather belt feels like cheap plastic when compared to the fine leathers the H belts are made of.

    Once you try something from H, you will realize the huge difference :smile:
  7. I love the H belt on the Hermes website. I hope the boutique in Chicago has a similar style. I called and they said the Winter sale starts Thursday and ends Saturday so I guess I'm going at the right time! I did a search and I understand that you can use a buckle with multiple straps- cool! I convinced myself this morning that I want the Hermes. It's time to take the leap. I'll be sure to do a reveal next week when I get it.
  8. Don't expect much to find belts on sale though
  9. We are heading to Chicago for the weekend and the first thing on the to do list is HERMES! The store advised me that the Winter sale will be starting this weekend and there are substantial savings on RTW. I know I said I wanted a belt but is the RTW made in house? I might consider that instead of the belt if there is something near my price range (I could splurge a little more if there was a nice sweater, etc.) Also my wife has been saving for a year now for a Louis bag- We were both wondering if H has any kind of bi-material bag maybe for under 2k. She knows the Kelly is way out of the price range but I didn't know if they had one of canvas with bits of leather for around that price. Thanks and maybe we will have a double reveal when we come back!!!! :smile::yahoo:
  10. EVERYTHING H is made in-house.

    Although belts are not classed as RTW and I doubt these would be marked down. However there are usually substancial savings to be had with the RTW if you are able to find something in your size/a style that you like :tup:

    Good luck!!
  11. Welcome!!! This is really exciting! I cannot wait to see what you decide on in Chicago! It's a great store to go, learn and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!! Please come back and share your experience with us!!!
  12. My first time last month was so rushed and I was so overwhelmed I didn't get to enjoy it. I am making it my priority this time to spend some time and enjoy everything and most importantly, to take my first orange box home!
  13. woooo.....u make it sounds LV like a cheap second

    i own a couple of LVs, Gucci and Ferragamo belts...and recently just got myself a Hermes one..let see if its really that top notch as u have
  14. belt kit as in buckle and the leather belt?
  15. THis is def not true, search the other threads, the china is not made in house, many of the enamels (Frey Wille) and even some RTW.

    WHat I don't really like about many lv items including the belts are the glazing they use. It's like plastic and chips easily.