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  1. I am new here. I just read all the great stuff you have on hermes bags. Greentea, all your advice is awesome.

    I am thinking of buying a classice black kelly in a size 28. do i have to place an order?
  2. Welcome!
  3. You probably don't have to place an order if you are a little flexible. Most of the bigger Hermes have Kellys (somewhat) regularly. You're going to have to get there quick for black though...
  4. thanks girls. so do you think i could get one easily.
  5. We are glad you are here too!

    Place an order? Well, I purchased the same exact bag and I just happened to walk in and they went in the back and they pulled out the bag I had asked about. Sometimes, you are not that lucky.
  6. With that purse I think you could just get lucky. It may not be extremely fast, but I don't see you having to wait years for a purse like that. Good luck with it and welcome to the forum. I like the photo in your avatar. It looks like one of the photos from The Truth About Diamonds. :flowers:
  7. Welcome daVinci and thanks! I think a black 28cm is totally obtainable on the shelf. So you live near an Hermes where you can pop in frequently?
    BTW, great choice for your first H bag!
  8. hmm....
  9. Davinci, black I rarely see on the shelves in my store. They're usually kept in the store room. If you don't see one immediately, ask if they have any available.
  10. I'll close this as it's a banned member trying to come back:rolleyes:

    nice attempt guccigoo:supacool:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.