New to Hermes!

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  1. I purchased a new grey handbag yesterday at Heathrow. I love the style of it and the color and it's my first Hermes. I do not know the name of it. Perhaps one of you kind tPFers will be good enough to help me ID the bag! It's not an easy bag to photograph and I'm too sick from the trip to try to do it justice by modeling it!!
    Thanks in advance,

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  2. It's called the Lindy! Congrats! She's a beauty...:love:
  3. Beautiful bag! Congratulations! And always a little bit sweeter when the price is duty free!

    I am going to guess that the colour is graphite and the leather is swift but I am no expert......Does it give you any details on your receipt?
  4. No info on the receipt. I know the color is graphite and it's a smooth finish. I wasn't able to take the box with me, because I was pushing the carry-on limits as it was. I did have to declare it, however and paid a small tax when I arrived back in the US last night.
  5. Thanks!!
  6. You've gotten yourself a beautiful graphite swift lindy!! I use mine more than I use my birkin and kelly!! Congrats!
  7. Name: Lindy
    Size: ??
    Leather: Swift
    Colour: Graphite

    hope that helps. :smile: Hermes has lots of different lovely leathers to choose from. Congrats on your new Lindy!
  8. Congratulations on your new Lindy. :smile:
  9. I am really an Hermes novice. I was ready to purchase a Chanel and then went into the Hermes boutique. I saw the bag and fell in love. I don't know much about the leathers, sizes, shapes, etc of Hermes. I get all of my information on the Purse Forum!!
    As to my Lindy, I don't know the size. I wasn't given any kind of Hermes paperwork other than the Visa receipt. With LV and Chanel, I get more information.
    I really wanted the orange, but they didn't have it. They had a blue (turquoise, beautiful) one. The graphite is a very practical color for me and it had the tiniest imperfection on it (no one would ever see it) that they gave me a 10% "manager's discretion" discount!
    I hope to be able to get a box from an Hermes boutique since I couldn't bring it on the plane.
  10. The Lindy comes in 2 sizes—30cm and 34cm.

    That's great that you got a discount! I've never heard of that happening before...lucky you!
  11. Yeah that is SO LUCKY! Woot!
  12. Great purchase Judy!
  13. Would you be comfortable sharing the price?
  14. BBL, great Lindy. Congrats. :smile: