new to hermes..

  1. ohmygosh let me just say WOW :yahoo:

    i've been deliberately reading almost thread possible on hermes today. been having a bad day and need something to cheer me up :crybaby:

    i am a die hard balenciaga and chanel addict.
    i plan on getting my first hermes in a month or so :graucho:

    i'm not sure how everyone eventually moved on to buying H bags but i would like to 'ease' into it before dropping a few thousand on one. i really like the evenlyn :drool: especially the purple i saw one of you have!

    any help/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. Welcome! Are you near an H store?

  3. Well I would try to go to the store closest to where you live and plan NOT to buy a bag. Maybe budget to buy a scarf or wallet or fragrance. I would walk the whole store. Look at the jewelry, the shoes etc. Ask to see bags in colors and styles that grab your eye that are on the floor. Assess the styles for practicality for your lifestyle. They have a 10 day store credit policy so mistakes can be costly or troublesome. Ask to see the leather book.
  4. ^^ Good advice.
    Also take a couple of days to read, read, read all the threads on leather, hardware, the particular bag that interests you and anything else that catches your eye here on tpf. It pays off.
  5. Welcome cluc - many very knowledgable and generous people have made this forum a fantastic place to learn about H. I'm sure you will find the reference section very helpful.

    Sus is spot on... have fun read, read, reading!
  6. thank yoo so much for the advice ladies! i will sure go to hermes today =]
  7. Hi Clucreciala-
    I'm new to the bags too-I've been an Hermes jewelry collector for a while, and now, thanks to tPF, I realize I can't live without a bag. TAKE SOME TIME to look st the different styles, and ruminate on them for a while. I finally put in a call to my SA in Vegas for a small Massai-but I want an Evelyne too! And then there's scarves, and Un Jardin de Nil, etc, etc. And NEVER BUY ON eBay WITHOUT ASKING tPF to authenticate. There are some horrific mistakes to be made out there.
  8. Just wanted to say Welcome! :yahoo:
  9. I am relatively new as a Hermes owner but have been a long time lover of the brand and I can honestly say this is the most informative, fun and accurate resouce out there on all things H. There is a wealth of wit and wisdom about seeking, buying and owning Hermes in this section and I bet it will soon become a favourite part of TPF for you! Welcome and let us know how your Hermes journey develops.

  10. :p we are also great enablers!! Welcome!!! :yes:
  11. Welcome! The Evelyne is a great first bag! Chic, comfy, practical and not priced too outrageously. I love it in fun bright colors!
  12. Welcome to Hermes! Please don't hesitate to PM me or Kellybag if you have any questions! This is a wonderful subforum with tons of information so it can be overwhelming. But we are all here to help enable you!!! Have fun!!!
  13. Welcome! You can also look on e-bay to get a feel for how bags look, etc. -- always ask (there's a special thread) to see if a bag is real or not if you are thinking of buying it - you can get great deals on e-bay as well if you are not near a store!
  14. Clucreciala--Welcome to the board. :smile: I'm relatively new myself. I joined because of the handbags, but now after seeing all these wonderful enabling pictures and reading members stories, I am making quite the wish list. And yes, read all of the threads on leather, hardware, color, etc. The best gifts come in the orange box. ;)
  15. I've been besotted with Hermes for 20 years but this site is a god-send. Spend some time looking at all the pictures in the reference section and think very hard as others have said about how things will fit into your lifestyle. That said I think it is fair to say that the Evelyn is a lovely first H bag and you can cogitate for hours on the size, leather and colour combinations on that alone. Have fun because you will not be left to suffer alone on this site!