New to Hermes

  1. Hey I'm super new to Hermes and I tired looking for the price of the animal and fruit keychains, but I can't seem to find out how much are they? Or if they're different prices how much do they range??... I'm in love with the panda and the owl :smile: THANKS!
  2. Hi and welcome! I think my Tiger keychain was around $180 or something like that. :flowers:
  3. You might try to do a search - seems like there's a thread somewhere around!
  4. The prices range, depending on the subject. They are not all available at the stores, and some are discontinued. You can find different selections in different H stores, and occasionallly online as well.

    good luck!

  5. Hello, Fiji.....I know one of the newest keychains, the Lucky Bug was $130.00 if that helps a bit.....
  6. Thanks everyone I really appreciate it!
  7. Generally around $150-180ish for the various animal & fruit keychains.