NEW TO HERMES!!!! Which to choooooose????

Which first Hermes watch should I purhase?

  • Hermes Arceau PM watch with Silver face and medium brown straps

  • Hermes H-Hour MM watch with Gold face and orangy brown straps

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Dec 29, 2007
Usually, I'm lurking around the Chanel forum, but today, after trying on a couple Hermes watches, I fell in love....... :love::love::love:

I am torn between either the Hermes Arceau watch in a sorta dark brown color and the H-Hour watch in the brownish orangy color....

The SA informed me that the H-Hour had a calfskin strap that would not fade or show signs of wear. She said the Arceau strap would and that the brown will turn darker with wear. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm sucha newbie!!! :P

Please help me choose as I'm torn between the two!!! Either H-Hour in the gold medium size or the Arceau in the petite size with silver.

Thank yous!!! :graucho: I'm really excited!!!! :graucho:


Hermes, Je T'aime
Mar 16, 2009
I vote for the H hour too, because that is the exact watch that Santa will be bringing me!:graucho: