New to Hermes - please help with some jewelry questions

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  1. I have done a search, but I haven't seen all of my questions answered. I am interested in the Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet. First, my wrist is about 5" around, so which size do you recommend? Are certain colors always available? The colors I am most interested in would be black (GHW), Orange (either gold or silver HW), some sort of grey with either HW. Can an SA track something down and have it shipped?

    I'm sorry for all of the dumb questions, but as I said, I'm fairly new to Hermes and you all are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks!
  2. Hi, my wrist is 5" around also, so I need an extra small Kelly double tour bracelet,
    my first one was a small and it was still to big. Mine is black with gold and my SA
    had to do a search in other stores to locate it for me. The black is always available,
    but the hard part was finding the extra small size. SA usually will have it shipped to you. Hopefully this is some help to you.
  3. Thank you so much Pamella. This gives me some place to start anyway! : )
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