New to Hermes, Picotin or Garden Party? Advise?

  1. Hello everyone. I am super new to Hermes and have been lurking in this forum reading up on all the different Hermes colors, leathers and design.

    I would love to own a Birkin one day:love: , but that will need some serious saving up plus i have read that the Birkins are so exclusive that it's really difficult to buy one.

    In the meantime, I have decided to get my first Hermes bag and was thinking of either a Picotin or a Garden Party. I am usually in my jeans and dress quite casually. I am looking for a color that i can wear all year and something that's like a grab and go kind. I am trying to avoid getting a color that needs some matching clothes.

    I would like to ask you lovely ladies,:shrugs:

    1) Which one would you get and in what size?
    2) What color and leather would you choose?

    Thank you all in advance for your advise!!!
  2. Anyone? I knew Picotin and Garden Party are not the popular bags that one would get from Hermes. Any advice would be great?
  3. I have both, but I find the Garden Party a little more practical. It's lighter and fits on my shoulder. Rouge Imperial or black or my two favorite colors.
  4. Luna...both these bags are very popular among the ladies here!

    OK, well, since I purchased my Rouge Imperiale GP two days ago (TPM size) I would of course recommend this one!

    I love the Picotins, too.....perhaps a blue jean? I adore the vibrato ones, myself!
  5. did you know as for colours, the GP is also available in bright orange and a dark blue and lichen green (very nice)........lovely!

    I saw a Picotin in sable, too on ebay....yummy! I like the vibrato ones for the colours, but also because they are lined. The coloured GP's are different colours on the inside...mine is crimson inside, and the green is turquoise inside!!!:drool:
  6. Thank you hermesgroupie and Grands Fonds!! I do adore the Picotins as they are so easy to carry. I am having a hard time deciding which GP size to get though. And the variety of colors it comes in doesn't make it any easier. I want them ALL!!!
  7. OK, my take on it is (generalization..)...Picotins are cute, GP's are more I said I'm generalising, but do you want more cute or classic? Having said that , the teeny GP's are in the cute category as well........
  8. I chose a Picotin as my first H bag because it was casual but not so casual I can't take it out at night, which I felt the GP was (plus the GP is mostly a canvas bag, at least the ones I saw)

    The Picotin is extremely hardwearing but I wouldn't recommend it if you're an inconditional of a shoulder worn bag. Hope that helps!
  9. My new GP is a PM size. The TPM costs a bit more, as it comes with a detachable shoulder strap. I actually compared both the PM and TPM size, and went for the PM, because I do not foresee myself using the GP with a strap, and prefer to carry the GP PM on my shoulder. (yup, am a shoulder bag kind of girl!!!)
  10. you're right, mrs s....mine is a MM, not a TPM...god I'm daft......:upsidedown:
    H24 x W36 x D17.
  11. Oh, hang on .... the SA measured my GP the other day, and she said the width is 40cm ... And she measured only because she wanted to make a point that the 32cm Kelly isn't that wide, as my GP is wider.
  12. Perja, i too am feeling like the GP is a great casual bag but might not the bag i'll grab when i go out at night. I love the picotin for the understated look it has. I am thinking of getting it in black (which might be boring but goes with everything), gold or a fun color like red or raisin. What color did you get?

    mrssparkles, how big is the GP PM? which color did you get?

    and Grands Fonds, i am looking for a piece that's casual and easy to carry, which i thought both the GP and the Picotin are. I've not seen many GP IRL and i'm not sure how it will look on me. Do you have any photos?
  13. Luna, I am bagless but collect scarves; that doesn't mean I don't lust madly over the bags! GP and Picotin are lovely; there is something irresistibly cute about the picotin that draws me to it, though. Funnily enough I'd also go for a black, to me it's such a practical colour - not boring, dramatic! You can always accessorise it with Hermes scarves etc to get a different look. Let us know when you decide and please give us eye candy when your final choice arrives.
  14. The Picotin PM is small enough that you can play with color on these. I'm petite so I have a rule that I can carry bigger bags in dark colors, but colorful bags need to be smaller as the color makes them more obvious. So I agree, they're adorable in raisin and red.

  15. Yeah I was going to say maybe a blue jean picotin. But actually both the garden party and the picotin are pretty practical. :yes: But with the garden party I can't see you grabbing it for a night out.