New to Hermes, in love with the Kelly, and regionally challenged!

  1. Hi,

    I have been reading this website (Chanel and Hermes sections in particular!) for a few weeks now, and like everyone here, I do love a fabulous handbag. Unfortunately, I live in a rural, small town, meaning that my best bet at any decent in person shopping is Atlanta, 3 hours noth of where I live. I love the idea of seeing the bags in person, and making an informed choice, but I am very much limited as to how much I can browse in person. So, with all of the drama over even being lucky enough to catch the bag you want at any given time, the odds of me shopping successfully that way are seriously slim! :sad:

    There is something so glamorous and sassy about a red Kelly, but other than knowing when I do take the plunge, I'd like it to be that type of bag, I've no idea how to go about the search. Online is so iffy, isn't it? Does anyone have any success stories about finding the real deal this way, or is that pretty much impossible? I also know, mainly through reading bunches of threads here (you ladies know your Hermes!), that there are different reds, leathers, sizes, head is spinning! What specifics would you suggest I keep an eye out for in regards to a classic, vibrant read Kelly?

    Sorry for all of the questions, and a huge thank you for any advice you could share with me. :smile:

  2. Hi Belinda,

    Actually, online you can find authentic bags. There are a number of sellers who only deal in authentic items - and who have been around for years.

    The brightest Red is Vermillion, the softest red is Rouge Vif. Rouge Vif has a very subtle pinky undertone - and is so neutral you can even wear it with red.

    You need to decide if you want this as a day bag - or a day to evening. And your style would lean you toward a rigid or a supple. That will then also help you with the leathers you would like best.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Excellent advice from someone with an impeccable reputation, Belinda. Good luck with your selection - red is so hard to choose from as there are many different shades.:heart: :smile:
  4. Belinda,

    If you see an auction you like, post it here. There is both authentic and non authentic Kellys out there.

    Look at this thread for sample colors.

    I think you are looking for Rouge Garrance or Vermillion. Both are vibrant reds, just different undertones.

    like this.. eBay: 100% Auth Hermes Kelly bag 32 Rouge Garance SEXY&FAB ! (item 190081609954 end time Feb-17-07 02:37:22 PST)

    You can call around and ask the store to send you pictures, but a day trip to Lenox Square is soooo worth it. That H store is lovely to work with.
  5. We have in the reference section above, a list of reputable sellers on e-bay...and you can always post a bag you wonder about! I've bought several from WONDERFUL sellers!!! It can be done...and sometimes great deals as well! Good luck...
  6. Thank you so much for the terrific advice and suggestions. I knew it would be a situation in which I would have "decisions" to make regarding leather, shade of red, etc...and I would love to get it narrowed down a bit so at least I'll have a starting point in the search.

    And thank you for mentioning that I could ask the Hermes ladies here questions regarding authenticity if I have to end up going the online route. You are all super nice, and very kind to help a new girl out. :smile:

    Oh...and I hate that I mistyped the word red as read in my first irks me to even see it, but I couldn't figure out how to pop back in and edit it away! :hrmm:
  7. Hello, Belinda.....I'm in much the same situation too and there's nothing like looking at Hermes and shopping hands on. If it were me ( and this is what I have done ) I would make a weekend trip to your closest store( is this Atlanta?) and look around. Establish a relationship with an SA there....slowly look, ask questions, admit you are new to Hermes. BUY SOMETHING that you really fall for, a bracelet....a scarf for example, and just enjoy looking and asking questions.

    Show serious interest and a desire to learn....most of all establish a friendly relationship with the store so that next time you call them they will remember you. Also, a purchase shows interest....

    And...who knows, there may be a piece ( bag ) sitting out that will capture your heart. A Bolide perhaps? or other.....
  8. Hi Belinda!

    You and I are in the same boat (even more so if those horses are in your backyard, LOL). I cant even drive to H, as I am on an island!

    I did just what you are doing, and ultimately got my dream bag this week, online. Once I settled on a color and bag, I asked the lovely PF to post pics, and they came through like champions. I read extensively on the bags, and it all worked out great. It took a while, but certainly it CAN be done :yes:

    I would like to suggest along with Isus that you take the plunge and make the drive, if you can. That way you can try on the different sizes and really see and feel the leathers, as well as meet and establish a relationship with an SA. Even if they dont have your exact dream bag, it will carry you a long way toward making this decision. After that there are many lovely bags to be found online, as MK and others have said, and we will all help you!!
  9. Thanks so much for those links, latigresse, I have been reading like a wild thing trying to learn enough to make some kind of intelligent decision when the time comes!

    Isus, thank you...yes, I know you are right, and that I should make the drive to Atlanta to get sort of a feel for the leathers, etc, and yes, perhaps a little "tide me over" purchase as well. I am hopeless in Atlanta traffic, but I do adore Atlanta otherwise. island sounds like heaven, although I understand where you are coming from on the shopping angle. Haha! The horses in the photo, my beloved rascals, are in the pasture very close to behind my home, so yes, they are almost in the backyard. lol

    Thanks a million, everyone...I so appreciate your advice.

  10. It is totally possible to find real deals online (there's a gorgeous red Kelly available on eBay right now ;) ) BUT since you want a RED Kelly and the reds can be so very different in different leathers, I think it is best if you check our reference section (Hermesgroupies Leather Thread and Grand Fonds Colour Chart) and then go to your nearest H boutique (armed wiht your knowledge) and ask to see the leather sample book and then make an informed decision. It might help to call before you go so that you are being given the time that is necessary to inform you. And there may be Kellys available that you may try on for size, even though they may not be available for sale.
    Good luck and welcome to the H forum!
  11. Hi Belinda!
    Look at the links where tpf H girls model their bags too. You will get an idea of size/ your height and what the various leathers look like. It is more difficult than being able to run to a boutique every couple of days but do-able. A lot of us don't live close to a Hermes boutique.
    Good luck.