New to Hermes, I want a Berkin, please help girls

Oct 17, 2006
i know you ladies here have full knolwedge about Hermes Birkin, I've been eyeing this for the longest time. I want a Hermes Birkin, but how many sizes do they come and and how much? If you guys can post pix and the price , I woud really appreciate it. I'm new to this the Birkin so any info would help. thank you :smile:
Btw, where's the cheapest place to buy it? I'm in LA, California, but I often travel. ths.
May 23, 2006
I'm not a regular "Hermes lady" by any means, but I learned so much by reading through the Hermes Reference Library threads in this subforum. The experts here have posted extensive information about Birkin sizes, leather types, colors, frequently asked questions, etc., and there are many many photos of members' handbags to look at. I'd highly recommend starting there. Good luck.