New to Hermès - and I'm so addicted

  1. Hi everyone.

    I have been in love with Hermès for so long time, but have always walked into Louis Vuitton when I wanted luxury.

    Now I feel like I just wanna sell my Vuitton's and get som Hermès.
    But where can I take a look at the Hermès products ? Online there is only scarves and agenda's .

    I am a student so I don't make that much money.

    I really, really want: A wallet, a agenda and maybe a bracelet (really like the one with the kelly-lock)

    So please, help me out with some pics of your wallet and agenda - and if I can watch the products somewhere online, let me know.

  2. ^^ Welome to you both, there are soo many threads on the H forum regarding the wallets and agendas.
    Look through all of them, and I know you will find what you are looking for.
    If you dont live near an H store (like me) then these threads will certainlly give you a heads up, and everyone is so helpful, they will answer your questions (worries) with pics.
    Good luck hunting
  3. Hi! Welcome welcome! I am still a newbie (last Novemeber) with Hermes. I have learned so much here and I DID sell my Louis Vuitton to fund my "H" items..:yes: I have not looked back since:flowers:
  4. Hi LVuitton ~ Welcome to Hermes. Wallets are a great start. I have an Azap Combined (which has a zipper all around) in Chevre leather and I love it. Take a look at the reference threads for ideas.