New to Hermes, and I REALLY want one..

  1. Hi everyone!

    I currently CRAZY for a Birkin bag.. 35 cm togo leather. Black or red with either gold or silver hardware. HOWEVER it seems like it's hard to find?? I am skeptical about Ebay because I am not sure whether I am paying TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE or even knowing if it's really authentic. Can anyone tell me how much the actual Retail price is for this type of handbag? And perhaps, where is the best boutique (Hermes) I can possible order one?? Again, I am NEW to Hermes so please forgive my 'stupid' questions if there are any. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. ^ Welcome!!! Spend a few hours (yup!!!) in the H reference sub-forum. Many answers to many questions about Birkins. A Togo 35cm is going for about $7500 right now.
    Your choices sound wonderful and classic!