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  1. Does anyone have any great pictures of your Hayden Hartnett bags? what do you love about them? what do you dislike about them?

    Right now, i'm liking the Thalia Drawsting Bucket, the large leather hobo, and a bunch of other cute ones.

    Also, do department stores like bloomies or NM or Saks sell them?
  2. I bought 2 bags from HH, alfie bird bag & erol mini ... they look great & easy to carry.

  3. I have the Mercer Cluth in coral, the Mercer hobo in Chalk, and the best bag of all the Mercer Satchel in Chalk. I'll post some pics tomorrow for you. The leather is soft, smooshy, and beautiful. The coral is a bright, beautiful color and the Chalk is an amazing color, goes w/ everything. I :heart: :heart: Hayden Harnett bags!!! They are well made, and have lots of interior pockets to keep organized.
  4. I have the leather belt handle clutch in yellow. The leather is super soft! The only place that sells this brand in Minnesota is a small boutique in Edina. You can also buy online. They're very fast at shipping and returns are no problem.
  5. I bought the clutch in chalk and returned it because I didn't like the color and was disappointed that the leather wasn't as soft as I read about. I saw the luggage color at Luna Boston and bought it on the spot. Now THAT leather is amazing! The softest I've ever felt. I'm wondering if I got a reject chalk or something.
  6. The Chalk leather is a bit "crinklier" than the Luggage, but the great thing about Chalk is that it isn't prone to showing scuffs and dirt, unlike a lot of other lighter bags.
  7. The HH mercer clutch in luggage that i have does have fantastic leather, but I have a huge problem with the way their customer service works.
    I bought the bag in March, and I didn't get it until a week ago. They didn't tell me that they had some kind of shipping delay from their manufacturer until I emailed them, and that was after like 5 unresponded emails. They said that the person was away, but I mean, come on, do you only have 1 person working in the office responding to customer emails? They told me I'd get my bag in the end of May. I was like fine. Then I forgot about the bag until like end of June. I emailed them again and they replied that the shipment didnt'come in and I will have to wait until mid July. What makes me mad is that they did not take the initiative to inform me of the situation, and I had to email them everytime asking where my bag was. Though they gave me a 30% discount, I would rather have my bag in March, when I bought it rather than 5 months later....Unless they have a super fantastic must-have bag, I don't think I'll buy from them again...
  8. this is why i don't buy directly from manufacturers unless they are very, very established -- with most small to medium designers, they don't seem equipped to sell to customers -- i'd rather stick with a trusted retailer who is set up only to sell to the end customer. problems seem to be resolved much better....i've heard of so much of this - with hh, botkier, kooba, etc.
  9. also sells Hayden-Harnett bags, and she has excellent customer service...very responsive to e-mails! I'd recommend ordering bags from her if you're apprehensive about dealing with H-H directly. Although I must say I did buy two bags directly from them, and never had a problem with their customer service. I had to return my first Chalk Mercer satchel because the inside zipper was defective, and they were quick to get me a replacement bag.
  10. Searle NYC used to carry the Thalia - which I love, btw - but it is no longer on their website. You might call them, though, just in case. I have the hh hobo (not nico) in chocolate and I love it. It is a medium sized bag. I bought mine from Jennifer at the Time Boutique in STL. She's the owner and she's great. Willing to answer all questions and owns a hh bag herself.

    TheTime Boutique
    7298 Manchester Rd
    Maplewood, Missouri 63143
    Phone: 314-644-2055