New to H - What to get?

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  1. Hello all - I am new to all things Hermes and was wondering what to get for my first H. I am a guy, in my 30s and like the idea of messenger bag/shoulder bag in leather. My budget is under 3000 pounds (under $4500). Will start to look at eBay see what they have.....

    Any advice appreciated.

    Ciao - Fern

  2. i think a large garden party would be cool on a guy too
  3. I believe that the men's messnger bags are still a little new so that budget might be difficult, but for $4500 you should definitely be able to get a new/almost new sac à dépêches from a reseller.
  4. Thanks ladies - I have just quickly browsed eBay and I found a couple there that might be within my budget - I just posted my finds there. What do you think of Evelyne and Goodnews? I wish I knew what they would look like on a guy - as online purchases despite they might be less expensive but one cannot try them on and they are non refundable...
  5. SInce I don;t know your style or height/coloring, but there are threads you can go to that the guys here have started or contributed to. . . Just as a starting point, how about a vintage TGM Evelyne - its the bag with a perforated H in a circle - I think TGM is the largest size. A lot of guys here seem to go for birkin 40 or HAC which I think is more than you want to spend, but try emailing sam @ haute Gallery, he used to have several very well priced. Hautegallery no longer has stuff up on ebay, but I think his email is (I am not affiliated with sam except as a satisfied customer who bought two very cheap evelynes). Also check out Linda's stuff; Ann's Fabulous Finds; akiko1120; notadqinnj; ysaito54; japandream7; sluxury and myampie. . . I think all of the above sell authentic, but if you find something you like, you can search for tpfer's feedback on the item and the seller.

    I don;t know how a really big kelly would look on a guy, but with a canvas strap that might be another option -- best thing would be to ask a guy. . .
  6. How much is a large garden party in leather? any pics of them (preferably action pics so I could see how it looks like?)

    Thanks all
  7. IIRC there was a men's runway show recently (less than 3 years ago) where one on the models carried a large evelyne...check
  8. I think the large Evelyne would be great! :tup: Our store had one in Graphite on a male mannequin in the window and it looked fantastic!

    The Garden Party in leather is around $2600 USD or so I think? Also really nice!
  9. DH with his Goodnews GM - he absolutely loves it :heart:

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  10. That is lovely ranag - thanks for posting. It is even the same colour as the one I found on eBay today :smile: Off to the stores now and will tell you a bit more later.
  11. ^^^^
    Good luck! :smile: I hope you find something that you love! :heart: