New to H, tell me whatever you know!

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  1. Hi guys.
    Although I'm new to Hermes, I know some good information on the gorgeous Birkin. But as I see, there are many experts over here that can tell me more about the sizes, colours, materials, prices, an what best suits an 18 year old:p
    BTW, I hate small bags:yes:
  2. Hi and welcome. There is so much to learn! Please take your time and go through the reference section. There is wonderful info there. Come back with more specific questions and the lovely ladies and gents here will help you out.
  3. Welcome, prepare yourself for some lovely interesting reading, immerse yourself in all the wonderful pictures!! The ladies on this board are really helpful!x
  4. Welcome!
  5. Thanks guys.

    So, I looked at many pics, I got some info on the materials, OMG the ostrich and crocs are TDF!!! The size I found suitable was the 35. Is there a bigger size?

    Now, what do you think is best for me? I'm 18, 170 cm tall, I love to dress up in a classic way, I love dark colours.
  6. You can get a larger 40cm Birkin, but it's a little harder to come by than a 35cm, which is the most common-- and 40cm is a pretty big bag! And there even larger ones than that as well, called travel birkins (not sure if the 40 falls into that classification but I know the 50cm Birkins are travel sized). There are pics in the celebrities with H thread that shows either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen carrying one. I'd recommend a 35 size for you based on your height and all, you'd look great with it and they hold a ton! and if you like dark purple, raisin is TDF :flowers:
  7. :nuts: The croc in diamonds is TDF!! But I don't think my dad will buy me this bag because he just got me a new Piaget watch:crybaby:

    Are there any pictures of the bag in raisin? And is it available in ostrich?
  8. welosme my dear just one tip do not let the sa´s at burjuman put you off so either use wasta or go straight to paris ! ;)
  9. ^^ Why?
  10. let´s just say they are not top notch when it comes to customer service when they do not know you they also tend to only give things out or show things from the back when you have the right last name or it can happen that things ment for you went to someone with a better last name(all happened to friends). besides the best things diectly go to za´abeel hence why a lot buy in london or directly in paris
  11. Welcome! How about a 35cm Birkin.
  12. lilach, good point. Glad you told me.
  13. my pleasure enjoy hermés it truly is a wonderful brand and i also say 35 cm birkin might be a good size maybe in fuschia ostrich or croc ? :flowers:
  14. Thought of it.
    Ok. So where do I order it? My dad will be going t Italy this weekend and he's not sure if he'll go to Paris.
    And how much time does it take to get it?
    What are the price ranges of the ostrich and crocs?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.