New to H forum, I need some advice....

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  1. Please let me apologize first for sounding like a novice on any terms used to descride color, hardware, and material used for Hermes.

    This is my first post here on this forum. I was actually nervous to post anything or comment on anything.

    I need help on deciding what color, leather or exotic, and type of hardware of my next Birkin. There are so many variations to choose from, it is a alittle overwhelming. I have a croc Birkin coming to me right now (a Christmas present from my DH). Now he wants to get me one more (he likes Hermes rather then Louis Vuitton now...long story on that.)

    May I please ask for your recommendations?
  2. What size, colour, hardware is the Birkin that you have coming? How tall are you? What is your style? What colours do you wear?
    Give us some info about yourself, we'll find the perfect number 2 Birkin for you!
  3. This is such a personal decision but.....if it were S'Mom I'd probably ask for something neutral in Box calf. A lovely Birkin or Kelly in Black Box is a chic Hermes staple and if you already have a Croc, you might like something for everyday.......
  4. It is a 30cm, red (sorry dont know the offical name...I'm such a novice!), and I'm not sure what color the hardware is. My DH picked it for me for Christmas. I am 5'3 and dress in a more classic, laidback, preppy look. I live in jeans and slacks, not a dressy kind of person. I like to wear neutral colors and earthtones. I do love my bags to be the center of attention.
  5. Can you please show me a picture. It sounds very nice!
  6. MY GOODNESS, what a lucky gal you are for ur DH to buy u a croc birkin for Christmas. Pls post pics as soon as possible!!! We absolutely DROOL over croc here, esp RED!!! I bet it's gorgeous!!! As to what you might want for ur next birkin, I agree w/ Shopmom, blk or chocolate(IMO) in box calf is simply classy and CAN be used casually or in a dressed up occasion. But if you want your purse to stand out bc you wear neutrals, I suggest perhaps potiron or orange. It matches a lot of things and stands out but isn't so stand out of a color. Swift, togo, or chevre are nice leathers for this color and IMO, I think Gold hardware looks best in these colors, but its personal preference w/ the hardware. Hope that helps!!!
  7. Princess - Don't be shy about posting here! This is a great group of people who just really love Hermes and love to talk about all things Hermes... you'll fit right in! You'll also see that quite a few of the best contributers here are just beginning their collections or have yet to make their first major H purchase!

    Have you checked out the Reference thread up top? There is a ton of info in there about colors and leathers!! Enjoy!
  8. Thank you! I'll post pics as soon as I can.

    I really do like your suggestions, I think I have seen a couple of pictures of the Orange birkin. Is Potiron also a orange color? Gold hardware would look really nice with orange! Wow I never thought of that.
  9. Thanks so much for your kind words. I did find that reading through some of the post and threads that there are a lot of people with wonderful and quirky personalities. They will type something that would just make you laugh.

    I havent checked on the Reference thread yet, but on my way to do it right now. I didnt know there was a color and leather info! Thats great!
  10. Blue Jean is a great colored "neutral" that still pops too!
    Wecome aboard also.
  11. Potiron is a lil less bright than orange but still stands out. IMO, it is basically the color of a pumpkin if you can imagine that. Orange is brighter, the orange on Hermes bags. Hope that helps. Like Ms. Twilly said, the reference section in the Hermes forum is excellent for looking at colors and diff. leathers.
    Also your local H store has a book of leathers and colors for u to see up close, if you ask them.

    BTW, welcome to the forum!! I was an Hermes newbie up until 3-4 months ago. I knew nothing of Hermes except the brand itself until one day I stumbled onto this forum bc of a boring day at work and NOW, I'm hooked for life!!! You will love these ladies on here! I have really learned almost everything I know from them. I think they know more than the SA's at Hermes!!!!!
  12. How about a 30 cm gold (which is a warm light brown tone) in togo with palladium or gold hardware?

    It is the epitome of classical chic, something that you can use everyday... I cannot sing its' praises enough. See Shopmom's Avatar.
  13. I just wanted to stop in and say Welcome to the H Forum!!! The ladies here are so incredibly nice and knowledgeable!

    Since your DH gave you the most incredible birkin of all, a Red Croc! DROOL!!!, why not go for something more casual and neutral. I personally would go for Gold or Blue Jean as both work with a wide variety of colors, and from your description of yourself, I think you would really enjoy!
  14. Wow, congrats on the croc birkin! And welcome to the H forum!!!

    How about a Cognac or Gold Togo Birkin with Gold hardware?
  15. I was also going to recommend a blue one - either bluejean...or brighton blue...the red is a great color!! I also love the indigo over a black, and the vert anis color is also simply can't go wrong with anything lol! Welcome!