New to “H” bearn wallet- which color???


Jul 23, 2008
hi all, i am a Chanel girl and want to get a special wallet i narrowed it down to the bearn wallet. (Full size) i have blue, pink, black, beige and red classic flaps and would like your opinion of which color you recommend with the color palette of Chanel flaps. This is going to be prob my only Hermes purchase so i want it to be a keeper and something I’ll cherish!! There’s so many beautiful colors it’s so confusing.. do i get a fun color or stick with neutral like gold? Thanks in advance
Dec 28, 2007
I like blue. The colors are amazing i really don’t need to match with the current bags i have do i?
You are in luck, there are many, many lovely blues out there now with Bleu du Nord being one of the newest and most current. I would get a well-loved colour and not match your bag. The contrast would make it easier to find. Good luck and happy shopping!
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Oct 23, 2012
Hello dear would you consider a compact bearn instead? A full size bearn will take up alot of space in medium classic flaps, unless you are using jumbos. For wallets and SLGs I am a boring practical person so I will go for black or darker colors. Gold, etoupe, darker blues and reds are lovely. Good luck deciding!