new to gucci!

  1. hello all!!! i have been purchasing LV for a little bit now but i really want a shoulder bag and i have been starting to look at gucci!!!

    i have been looking at the (tell me if i name this bag wrong) wave or horsebit hobo....i was wondering how much it is and if anyone has it and can tell me anything about it!!!!

    thank so much!!!!
  2. This is the Wave Hobo. I'm not too sure how much it costs, I'd look it up for you on but my connection is terribly slow and it'll take forever. Have a look on and you'll find all the prices there. It's a nice bag and it also comes in leather, which is more expensive, but much nicer in my opinion.
  3. what type of material is this? like canvas?
  4. No worries!
  5. Its a really great bag for the price and not too heavy or bulky at all... post pics if/when you get it!
  6. thanks!!!i gotta save some more money to get it!!!
  7. good luck, hope you get it soon!
  8. At first I didn't like this bag when I saw it at the store. My friend lovedd it, but now I really really like it. It's such a good price for a bag that big! I love big baggs!
  9. I love the wave bag.
  10. i am soooo loving this bag, i keep staring at it online..i need to save some money!!!!!

    i just wish i had an extra 850 right now!!!!